10 Iconic Beauty Products Used By Movie Heroes

10 Iconic Beauty Products Used By Movie Heroes
10 Iconic Beauty Products Used By Movie Heroes

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In movies and TV shows, directors and screenwriters often miss the most everyday moments: how the characters get ready for work or parties, brush their teeth or paint. But sometimes a bubble or powder box seems to accidentally fall into the frame, bringing a part of the real life into the screen life of the heroes.



Fleurs De Rocaille by Caron

In Martin Brest's film "The Smell of a Woman", the heroine Christine Downs emanated the scent of Caron Fleurs De Rocaille, which mixes notes of gardenia and mimosa - they were felt by the blind hero Al Pacino.

Climat by Lancome

In the Soviet film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" directed by Eldar Ryazanov, the heroine of Barbara Brylskaya Nadya Sheveleva was amazed at the high cost of Lancome's Climat flower perfume.

Chanel 5

Another old film starring Jean Paul Belmondo, The Game of Four Hands, directed by Georges Lautner, celebrates the classic Chanel 5. The hero of Belmondo presents it to the unconscious heroine Mirella D'Angelo. By the way, the same perfume flashed in the film "Aliens" with Genom Reno and Christian Clavier - his hero poured a huge bottle of eau de toilette into his bathtub.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Arden

Continuing the conversation about perfumes: the heroine of Meryl Streep in the film "Death Becomes Her Face" drops an auto bottle of White Diamonds by Elizabeth Arden with a lid in the form of a bow decorated with rhinestones on the floor. And as the main character of The Devil Wears Prada, the actress used Bvlgari perfume.

Farenheit and J'adore by Dior

Mr. Big, the hero of Chris Noth and Carrie Bradshaw's greatest love, used Dior's Farenheit perfume in a recognizable black and red bottle. When he was in Carrie's bed, he complained that her sheets smelled like Paco Rabanne - the heroine was dating the "good guy" Aidan at the time. He didn't use perfume, and maybe he should. Carrie herself prefers J'adore perfume, also from Christian Dior.

Melograno ("Pomegranate") by Santa Maria Novella

In the next series of "Bondiana", filmed in 2006 by Martin Campbell, "Casino Royale", the heroine of Eva Green uses the perfume of the Italian brand Santa Maria Novella. This fragrance is called Melograno ("Pomegranate") and combines tart notes of moss, pomegranate and orris root.

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Tom Ford, who directed Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in The Single Man, places a bottle of White Patchouli on her dresser. The action takes place, for a minute, in 1962, and the perfume appeared only in 2008, just during the filming of the film, which was released a year later.


Clarins Facial Toner & Oil

In Mike Nichols' film "Business Woman" with Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith, the heroine used Clarins face oil and an iris tonic of the same brand - the brand's products at that time had recognizable features.

Lancome, Kiehls, Nars and Elizabeth Arden

But Carrie Bradshaw took advantage of Lancome's departure and kept Nars palettes on her desktop. Her friends also "lit up" their cosmetics - Miranda kept Kiehls hand cream on the dresser, and Samantha soothed her skin after chemical peeling with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hours Cream.

Givenchy powder

When Liv Tyler's character in The Incredible Hulk, Louis Leterrier shakes out her purse in panic, a powder box with the Givenchy logo falls out.

Chanel powder

Blair Waldorf, the main character of the series “Gossip Girl”, beloved by all the girls a couple of years ago, corrected her makeup several times in the series using a Chanel powder compact - she is also used by Keira Knightley in Massey Tajedin's melodrama “Last Night in New York”.

Dior lipstick

In the early 2000s comedy Heartbreakers, Sigourney Weaver's heroine wears Dior lipstick in a gold case, which was a girl's dream at the time. The brand relaunched its cosmetic line, and since then the "decoration" of lipsticks has become more modest, now only the Christmas collection is made in this form.

Clinique Skin Care System

In the above-mentioned "The Devil Wears Prada", the heroine Anne Hathaway brings small gifts to a meeting with friends, including a set of Clinique cosmetics, sent by the brand as a gift to the editorial office.

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