They Changed Their Appearance And Disappeared From The Radar: What Ruined The Careers Of The Stars

They Changed Their Appearance And Disappeared From The Radar: What Ruined The Careers Of The Stars
They Changed Their Appearance And Disappeared From The Radar: What Ruined The Careers Of The Stars

Video: They Changed Their Appearance And Disappeared From The Radar: What Ruined The Careers Of The Stars

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Nature gave them extraordinary appeal, and they looked great in the Hollywood sky. But offers to star in new films stopped after going to the surgeon.


Lara Flynn Boyle

Donna from Twin Peaks was the dream of filmmakers and fans alike. At the beginning of her career, Lara embodied sophistication and sophistication, then she became the personification of sex appeal and deceit (in the image of the villainous alien from Men in Black). And then she suddenly disappeared, as if the aliens had kidnapped her.

When the star came out again, everyone was horrified - it was swollen and warped. The actress with all her passion gave herself to the surgeons, who gave her a lift, blepharoplasty and pumped up fillers. What a shame - the wrinkles remain, but there is no mediocrity. Now the main role of Lara is a victim of unsuccessful plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan

Meg was once so popular that she even turned down the starring role in Basic Instinct. A damn sexy smile bribed the directors, and they willingly invited the girl to shoot expensive films. The fear that age will take away the most precious thing for an actress - beauty, turned into a feverish struggle for attractiveness.

One plastic surgery was followed by another. As a result, Meg got a completely different effect and … the wrong face. Friends stopped recognizing the actress, she lost fans and new contracts. The directors also do not see the very actress in Meg drenched in botox and hyaluron. Now she even began to look like a man, don't you think?

Anastasia Vertinskaya

Aristocratic beauty, gazelle eyes and incredible charm - Anastasia Vertinskaya captivated thousands of fans. She was called the Soviet Vivien Leigh. More than once, the actress admitted that beauty interfered with her - her appearance distracted the public's attention from her talent.

However, in 2000, fear of age pushed Anastasia into the hands of plastic surgeons. And she lost herself. And over time, the scars from the circular lift also became noticeable, and the lips became blurred and deformed. From that moment on, her film career, unfortunately, ended. Well, Vertinskaya always complained that fame weighs on her.

Courteney Cox

The "Friends" star, too, could not come to terms with aging and tried to cheat time. Eh, Courtney … A circular lift and stretched eyes have forever deprived us of the beauty of Monica Geller.

One, okay, two braces - okay. But where is four !? After another visit to the surgeon, Courtney stopped looking like herself: her eyes narrowed, her skin tightened, and her mouth became half the size of her face. The former attraction faded, as if the actress had given way to someone else. We, as well as Hollywood directors, can only revise "Friends" and remember its old one.

Daryl Hannah

The appearance of the actress seemed perfect. Tall blonde with regular features, big blue eyes and a naturally perfect figure. She was envied, because no one else went red lipstick, loose hair or a tight suit like her! It's a shame the actress didn't appreciate it. After her role in Kill Bill, the girl began to hack herself with the hands of surgeons.

Endless operations grew into mania and the pursuit of the ideal. Daryl reshaped her face so much that they stopped filming her. Now she is a classic victim of plastic surgery: drooping eyelids, drooping lips and plasticine skin. Daryl, let's tell you a secret: to look like this, you don't need to spend millions, you just need to grow old.

Joan Van Ark

The American actress was once captivated by Broadway, Hollywood and one of the most successful male journalists at the time.But not a single role brought the actress so much fame as her changes in appearance. In the old days, Joan had aristocratic features: deep eyes, chiseled nose, embossed lips. And then it began! Blepharoplasty, nose lift, nose correction …

Van Ark looked younger for a while, and then the over-tightened skin returned its previous appearance, became covered with wrinkles and even turned blue!. As it turned out, Joan at one time also went too far with the solarium. Because of this, the fair skin became thinner, lost its elasticity and took on a dead appearance. Well, but now she can act in horror movies without makeup!

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