Double Vision: Stars That Look Like Twins

Double Vision: Stars That Look Like Twins
Double Vision: Stars That Look Like Twins

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Someone tell me that we don't think it! These stars are like twins who were separated in childhood (or not?). In any case, this similarity looks suspicious.


Misha Barton and Anna Ardova

Charming actresses are both recognized beauties: lovely cheeks, a perky nose. Looking at the absolutely identical oval of the face, lips, general features and proportions, I just want to exclaim: "Sisters!" And what, that's the talent as if inherited from a common great-grandfather …

Anna Kovalchuk and Yasmin Gauri

To be honest, we somehow did not think that Anna Kovalchuk could have a double, until one day we came across the model Yasmin Gauri in the archives of shows (it's a shame that we didn't know about her earlier). These mesmerizing eyes, the same type and as if even the noses are the same! We are even silent about the figure on which any outfit sits perfectly! Aristocracy and charm with a difference of seven years.

How about these twin stars: celebrities who are hard to distinguish?

Irina Medvedeva and Katya Ivanchikova (Iowa)

At first glance, there seems to be nothing in common: girls are like girls. But then you looked again … and then again … And at the third one you no longer understand who is where. And all why? Thin facial features and a similar oval, multiplied by a bright temperament (yes, it also leaves an imprint on the appearance).

Are they definitely not brothers and sisters? Star Clones: Celebrities who look a lot alike.

Penelope Cruz and Tina Kandelaki

Two gorgeous brunettes, whom we could not call the same (can fatal beauty repeat itself?), But they look too much alike in appearance … Tina and Penelope look like sisters! Both beauties have plump lips, well-defined cheekbones and expressive eyes. Do you agree?

Where is this workshop that churns out the same celebrities? Clone Factory: stars that look alike like two peas.

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