Affiliate Program: What Are The Benefits For The Web?

Affiliate Program: What Are The Benefits For The Web?
Affiliate Program: What Are The Benefits For The Web?

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Affiliate gambling is a convenient way to make money if you have an audience of users. A huge plus for the web is that all the basic work organization is already set up. You do not need to look for a customer, compete with other performers, prove that your site is better suited for the offer, and after receiving the offer, negotiate many nuances of reporting and payment. All this is done for you by the sra-net. All you need is just to register and start cooperation on a specific offer.


Completely free and without commissions, you can earn your profit on exclusive offers from different advertisers. Often, the CPA website has its own small crm-system that will help in organizing work: it is convenient to choose offers, set up links for work, check statistics and reports, quickly receive payments, etc.

How does a sra-network work?

There are three parties to the affiliate program: 2 members and one reseller. The first participant is the customer, the second participant is the performer, and the CPA network itself acts as an intermediary. The customer is the advertiser. He wants to attract customers to his site. To do this, the advertiser places his offers and pays for targeted actions. A performer is a webmaster (blogger, site owner, affiliate marketer, any user who has their own audience) who leads the advertiser to customers. Depending on the offer, there may be different types of targeted actions that will be of interest to the advertiser: visiting a page, buying a product or service, participating in a promotion, etc.

Why is it profitable to cooperate with an affiliate program?

The affiliate program provides a lot of advantages for both the advertiser and the webmaster. The advertiser does not need to look for platforms to place their offers, and the webmaster does not need to fight for the primacy in the desire to make money on the offer. You just need to go to the site, go through the standard account activation procedure, and ready-made offers from your direct partner will appear on your page. The webmaster just needs to choose from the catalog and apply for approval. Moreover, the webmaster is always under the protection and protectorate of the webmaster.

The contractor can always be sure of the quality of the offers, the guarantee and reliability of the offers. One of the priority tasks of the affiliate program is to check partners for reliability and decency. To do this, the network checks all licenses, certificates, and other legal documentation of the company before submitting their proposals in the offer catalog. The webmaster can be confident in the timely and guaranteed payments. Any work and payment can be disputed, and the problem can be resolved with the help of the affiliate support service.

Differences between a gambling affiliate program?

All web sites dream of working with gambling offers. This can be explained quite simply: there is a lot of money in casinos, and therefore the payouts to the web are much higher than in any other marketing industry. For example, the average check for registration in gambling is from 100 USD, for the first deposit - from 150 USD.

Casino offers are a fat conversion rate in any target audience and with any traffic source. Netizens love games, easy money and testing their luck, and therefore participate with pleasure in all casino activities.

In gambling affiliate programs, you can choose an income scheme:

Classic CPA - for registering a new player. Revenue Share - interest for the player's deposit. For qualifications.

Cooperation instruction: where to start earning?

Working with the affiliate program is simple and convenient.If you have traffic, you can quickly learn the basics of cooperation and get your profit in the first days.

Registration and personal account

The first step towards making big money is, of course, registration. Registration takes just a few minutes. You normally fill out a short form on the website, accept the user agreement, create a password and confirm the registration process by mail.

It is worthwhile to carefully approach the issue of password and account security. Try to come up with a strong and strong password for your page. Even despite the fact that many sra-networks guarantee data protection and the security of your account on the site, it will not be superfluous to once again protect yourself from hacker attacks and hacks. A password is considered safe if it consists of uppercase (ABC) and uppercase letters (abc), numbers (123), special characters (* ?;).

After registration, an important point is to activate your account. It is very easy to activate your account - you just need to write to the technical support.

Webmaster tools

If a webmaster who works independently needs to find tools for earning money himself, then when working with an affiliate program, all the necessary tools for earning money are provided for the web. You can rent domains, link rotators, link testers, content for promotion. Also, the sra-site provides analytics, reporting, statistics. You can set up a sub-ID for your link and track all customer actions point-by-point. The sra-network system has a setting for crash notifications and many other useful tools.


Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a blogger, you definitely have a channel from which you get traffic. An advertiser may want to promote their offer through a specific traffic source, or it may not be critical. Traffic sources include:

Contextual and targeted advertising. Site (coupon, product, aggregator, etc.). A blog, page or other content platform on a thematic site. Google Play / Epstore. YouTube channel. Social networks. Emails. Channels and chats in messengers (Telegram, Viber). Clickanders / Popunders. Push Eds. You can add a traffic source in your personal account. The desired traffic source is indicated in the conditions under the offer.

CPA offers

Affiliate network offers are a wide variety of offers from advertisers with whom the CPA network is in partnership. You can view the offers in a special catalog on the CPA website. Here you can also open detailed information on each of them: familiarize yourself with the conditions and limits, submit an application.

The most profitable in internet marketing are casino offers: poker, slot machines, sports betting. Users of any target audience respond well to such offers, actively participate in promotions and contests, register and make deposits. That is why gambling offers are considered the simplest and most "fat" ones.

24/7 support for webmasters

The CPA website has a technical support service, where highly qualified specialists in the field of arbitration, marketing, and sales work. You can always write to the chat and they will help you in solving any problem. If you have any questions with the withdrawal of earnings, registration on the web site, accepting an offer, or other issues related to your account, support operators are always ready to prompt, help, and solve problems.

Security and control

The partner network has a site security service. She monitors the quality of incoming offers from the advertiser, the security of transactions and the protection of the data of site users. All data about the user, his offers and earnings are not subject to disclosure and transfer to third parties.All information is securely encrypted using upgraded software and the latest security protocols. Therefore, webmasters can be confident in the reliability and safety of their work.

Promotions, contests, loyalty program

Often on the sites of affiliate programs you can find various promotions and contests for the web. In addition to permanent income, webmasters can win cash prizes or material gifts by participating in activities. Also, the CPA network has referral programs, thanks to which you can receive additional passive income. It is enough just to bring a friend-webmaster to the CPA network, and you can get profit from his registration or% of his permanent profit.

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