7 New Summer Trends

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7 New Summer Trends
7 New Summer Trends
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California hosted Coachella - a musical event that sets the trend of the festival style for at least a year. We'll tell you why this summer we will dye our hair canary yellow, wear berets and weave braids.

Neon hair

Popular omen: the brighter celebrities dye their hair, the closer Coachella is. Neon shades came out of the trendbook in fashion, but they overtook the beauty industry: pluck out Kylie Jenner's hair (on the first day of the festival it was purple, on the second day it was already canary yellow, thanks to ten-dollar cans of the Manic Panic brand) and Ariel Winter proved it to us …

Bralettes instead of T-shirts

For the past two years, Coachella's most popular piece has been the bardo top: the off-the-shoulder blouse worn by Brigitte Bardot in the fifties. This year, the textbook piece lost to the bralette. There is an explanation for such a number of bras, dressed instead of T-shirts and T-shirts: the most exposed breasts this season is an important trend on the catwalk and red carpet: remember the controversial Christian Dior dress on Bella Hadid, which completely showed through the chest, the Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs shows or the Lady's exit Gaga at the Grammy.

A scarf instead of a choker

It is Coachella that sets the fashion for summer accessories: last year, the must-have of guests was a choker, which displaced the flower crown, and in this one - a scarf that needs to be tightly tied around the neck like a choker. And, yes, wearing a silk scarf is now not shameful for men too - take a look at the J. W. Anderson collection for yourself.


The fashion industry is actively citing the motives of African American culture this season. Recall the latest Gucci ad campaign: Alessandro Michele and Glen Lachford shot based on Malik Sibide's documentary photo essay from the late 1960s, where African-American club youth are learning dances from Europe and Cuba. The trend is also noticeable in Coachella's hairstyles: without waiting for autumn, we braid small tight braids (ideally, with colored strands, like the model of Chanel Iman).

Mask instead of hair and makeup

“I can't go home yet, cuz enough people ain't seen my outfit” - with this comment, Rihanna shared her image on Instagram. In a transparent, but embroidered with thousands of rhinestones overalls and a mask (all - Gucci): behind the total shine, a T-shirt with a quote from Voltaire ("Common Sense is not so common") remained invisible.

Sequins in the parting

A beauty hack with a minimum cost and maximum effect: we make a straight parting (tails, braids, loose hair - it doesn't matter) and generously sprinkle it with glitter varnish (a makeup shimmer will do too).

Transfer tattoos instead of makeup

Crystals, a gold scattering of stars and sparkles at summer festivals will replace cosmetics with a maximum wow effect (with a minimum cost - it will come out faster with translators than applying makeup on eyelashes and lips). We have already compiled a detailed guide on where to buy transferable tattoos this season: look for stickers like Alessandra Ambrosio from the Moscow brand Miami Tattoos.

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