How Shaving Affects Men's Health

How Shaving Affects Men's Health
How Shaving Affects Men's Health

Video: How Shaving Affects Men's Health

Video: How Shaving Affects Men's Health
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Shaving is a daily "ritual" for many men. And like any action, it has its own consequences. Sometimes they are completely unpredictable, up to a career change.


Clears the skin

Quite a few copies have been broken in controversy over how shaving damages skin. Nevertheless, according to dermatologists, if you follow the elementary rules of "clean shaving" - use a sharp and clean machine, shave from top to bottom, and do not forget about shaving lotions, then it not only does not cripple, but also heals. The shaving process cleanses the face of old and dead skin that gets trapped in the pores and causes skin problems. People with a beard or mustache, as well as women, have to use a scrub for this effect.

Reduces UV protection

Why only men grow beards? Just because testosterone levels are “off the charts”? Women also have to struggle with hair growth, but not on the face.

According to British dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe, a beard is an excellent protector from the sun and the harmful effects of sun rays.

Light is known to travel in straight lines, but when it hits curly hair, it refracts and reaches the skin at a much lower dose. According to anthropologists, only a man could retain a beard because a woman spent much more time at home, then in a cave, while a Stone Age hunter in search of food had to travel more than one mile under the sun. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that a recent study of the DNA of the most ancient people - the Khoisans, showed that they are less resistant to ultraviolet radiation than other peoples.

Thus, the beard protects the face from ultraviolet radiation and prevents cancer, and its absence makes the skin defenseless. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive to sunlight, it may be worth opting for a beard or at least stubble. The same applies to asthmatics, for whom the mustache serves as a "filter" from allergens.

Improves hair structure?

The version that the more often you shave or cut your hair, the faster and thicker your hair grows, is known to everyone. Like, a defensive reaction - you remove something, and the body fights with unnatural interference, and the hair is revived every time like a phoenix. This belief works well for hairdressing advertisements, and many teens start shaving their faces to stimulate the growth of stubble that "should" make them look older and more solid.

However, this is a myth, and a razor and scissors have never served as a fertilizer for hair follicles. It's just that our hair is cone-shaped when it is intact, and when you cut it, it becomes straighter and appears darker and coarser to the touch. But this is a temporary effect. Once they reach a certain length, you will get their characteristic color and softness. Their structure and growth rates will not change.

"Reduces" aggression

Want to look brutal? Then you should think about the stubble. Bearded people appear to be more aggressive and unpredictable than clean-shaven people, according to a 2012 study in the journal Behavioral Ecology. Scientists - ecologist Barnavi Dixon and psychologist Paulo Wassei made this conclusion based on their social survey. They photographed several men aged 23, first with a beard and then shaving it off. In both cases, they were asked to adopt an aggressive facial expression. The photos were shown to about 200 reviewers who were asked to rate "aggressiveness" on a five-point scale (in ascending order). The bearded, on average, were rated at 4 points, and the shaved at two.

By the way, it is interesting that in ancient times everything was just the opposite. According to historians, people began to shave in order to look more terrible in battles - the beard did not hide the terrifying grimaces that the warriors made in front of the enemy and the ritual "war paint". In addition, the enemy could grab her and, taking advantage of the confusion, kill her.

Makes it successful

Despite the fact that a bearded man looks not only more aggressive, but also more intelligent, the success belongs to clean-shaven men.

According to psychologists, it is much easier for people to communicate with a person who has "opened his face."

He, a priori, is trusted more, especially by women. At least in Europe, where today you do not often meet mustachioed and bearded politicians, businessmen, and major public figures.

In our age of "tolerance" they may not be hired or fired because of their appearance.

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson lost his job four months after wearing a beard

and Hewlett-Packard CEO Leo Apotheker, with his thick facial hair, suffered a career ruin after being fired from two very attractive positions. Business consultant, a specialist in corporate ethics, Gloria Star claims that growing a beard can worsen the attitude of his colleagues, and most importantly, of his superiors. Especially if at work he has to communicate with people a lot.


Teens often try to grow stubble to appear mature. And this is a win-win - the beard really throws a few extra years on the face. But as you grow older, its effect does not change. Therefore, no matter how old you are, with a beard you will always seem a little older. The already mentioned study from Behavioral Ecology, based on a social survey, claims that bearded people look much older.

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