Bad Makeup Stars: Panda-style Eyes, Yellow Eyeshadow, Blurred Lips And More

Bad Makeup Stars: Panda-style Eyes, Yellow Eyeshadow, Blurred Lips And More
Bad Makeup Stars: Panda-style Eyes, Yellow Eyeshadow, Blurred Lips And More

Video: Bad Makeup Stars: Panda-style Eyes, Yellow Eyeshadow, Blurred Lips And More

Video: Bad Makeup Stars: Panda-style Eyes, Yellow Eyeshadow, Blurred Lips And More
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Tyra Banks: the glamorous miner


The star, going to The Moth Ball in New York, clearly imagined herself as a miner in the face. Glamorous miner.

Eyes outlined with jet black shadows, pale pink lipstick and a highlighter all over the face … Isn't it a witch from a Hollywood movie? Tyra, you mistook the annual literary event for Halloween. Next time, read the invitation card carefully, everything is written about the format.

Mischa Barton: tired carrots

Misha Barton has not had really high-profile projects for a long time, her name pops up in magazines only in connection with scandals.

Most likely, this is why the actress decided to attract the attention of journalists at the Marc Cain show with the help of very bad makeup. At least some variety in the titles.

Brown shadows, which seemed to be applied with a finger, a strange black eyeliner spread over the lower eyelid, indistinct carrot-red lipstick added age to Misha and frankly disfigured his face.

Leighton Meester: Night Butterfly

When in 2009 Leighton Meester starred in the TV series "Gossip Girl", everyone associated the star with her heroine - stylish, sophisticated and arrogant Blair Waldorf. Imagine the fans' surprise when they saw Leighton at the American Eagle Outfitters party.

It seemed that she was doing makeup for the first time in her life and decided to apply all the contents of the cosmetic bag to her face, and she chose the brightest and not too matching shades. It's hard to imagine a combination harder than full-length purple eyeshadow, gold eyeliner, and red lipstick.

Miley Cyrus as Angelina Vovk

In this image of the singer for the Billboard Awards, everything is bad: styling with pile, too active eyebrows, sticky eyelashes and a complete absence of lips, which the singer literally wiped off with pale pink lipstick. Miley, we know you can do better!

Angelina Jolie: Straight from Cooking Classes

This 2014 photo of Angelina Jolie is still being replicated in the media. “Look, she appeared at the premiere of the movie“Ordinary Heart”with some strange white spots on her face,” the journalists emphasize.

Guys, calm down! These are not strange painful spots, but a highlighter. The fact is that four years ago, beauty concerns did not release products for red carpet and selfies for sale (now there are such products, and they are marked "HD").

The loose highlighters that makeup artists used to contour the face looked normal in normal light, but turned into white spots due to the optical effect under the camera flashes.

We can say that this is a mistake of makeup artists, because in those years, not only Angelina lit up with white spots on her face, but a number of Hollywood stars.

Kristen Stewart: eyes are red

Kristen Stewart is a real rebel who doesn't want to continue to be associated with Bella from the Twilight saga. But thanks to her beauty experiments, the actress herself begs for comparison with vampires. Take this look for one of the Cannes Film Festival parties.

Red shadows that create the effect of sore eyes, complete absence of lips and pale skin - why not a vampire?

Kim Kardashian: flowerbed eyes

With this war paint, Kim was caught walking in Vegas. The photo shows that the star's face flaunts several layers of foundation plus hard contouring, and all this with dark eyebrows, super-long eyelashes and cherry lipstick.

Sharon Stone: An Extinct Star

From whom we did not expect a make-up failure, it is from the stylish and graceful Sharon. It seems that the actress literally imbued with the spirit of the Sundance Film Festival and decided to go all out.

Dark shadows, pale lips and a strange haircut for a boy not only look vulgar, but also add a decade to Sharon.

Drew Barrymore: if you paint in the dark

Now Drew has become less acting in films and has completely switched to business: she runs the cosmetics brand Flower Cosmetics. Barrymore tests every new product on himself. Surely this can explain the strange makeup of the actress with yellow eyeshadow and plum lipstick.

If these shades are correctly combined in a certain palette and make-up concept, perhaps they will look beautiful. But not in the same mix as Barrymore's. Drew, don't do that again!

Christina Aguilera: lips with a bow, eyebrows with a house, breasts in pockets

Christina was repeatedly accused of lack of taste. Either I picked up a strange ensemble of clothes, then the hairstyle is not the same, then too much makeup.

Here we, perhaps, join the experts. Just look at Christina's latest make-up creation from 2018. The strange shape of the eyebrows gives a grimace of eternal surprise, the rich smoky and tough eyeliner make the eyes smaller, and in combination with active red lipstick and contouring, Christina looks 45 years old.

More recently, a fresh photo of the cover of Paper magazine appeared in the media - there the singer flaunts without any makeup at all and looks amazing. Maybe she should give up makeup?

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