Face Masks, "panda Eyes", "flour" On The Cheeks And Other Beauty Dips Of The Stars When Applying The Tone

Face Masks, "panda Eyes", "flour" On The Cheeks And Other Beauty Dips Of The Stars When Applying The Tone
Face Masks, "panda Eyes", "flour" On The Cheeks And Other Beauty Dips Of The Stars When Applying The Tone

Video: Face Masks, "panda Eyes", "flour" On The Cheeks And Other Beauty Dips Of The Stars When Applying The Tone


Foundation, although basic, but the most important tool in make-up. If the tone is flawless, then the entire make-up will look great. Alas, we often make mistakes when creating the effect of radiant skin. Stars are no exception to the general rule. We analyze the most popular mistakes on the example of celebrity!


We smear, we smear and extinguish

The very first and also important rule is to choose the right shade of foundation. Natural light will help with this. Unfortunately, if you put on makeup in dim and unnatural lighting, and then go out into the street, then you will not be able to conquer the world with your beauty. The caring daytime sun will immediately highlight all unshaded transitions and give out the wrong color of the foundation, like Tyra Banks. To avoid such failures, arm yourself with a good sponge. Our favorite is the Beauty blender, this testicle made from a special material blends the densest tone to almost zero.

When choosing a product, apply it not to the hand, as we usually do, but to the lower part of the cheek, closer to the neck. The shade should blend in with the natural skin tone, and not contrast with the shoulders, as is the case with J.Lo or Britney's forehead.

Do not use foundation that is too dark to achieve a tanned look. The line between tone and skin will be as visible as Christina Aguilera's. Always use a product in your shade, and bronzer will help create the tanning effect. It should be applied to the convex parts of the face (cheekbones, wings of the nose and chin) - this is where tanning appears most quickly.

Face masks

Do not apply foundation too thick, even if there are breakouts on your face, as Kim Kardashian does. A dense layer will only clog pores and accentuate wrinkles, which, by the way, is what happened with Donatella Versace. Therefore, to mask imperfections, use a special corrector or concealer. If you do not have it, then do not try to replace the tool with a tonal foundation. She has too dense texture and low pigmentation in order to cover significant imperfections. If you apply foundation only to certain areas, then there is a risk of staining, like Jessica Alba. If you apply a thick layer all over the face, like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, the effect of a clay mask on the face cannot be avoided.

Heavenly radiance

The tone must be selected not only by color, but also taking into account your skin type. Selena Gomez, apparently, does not know that when the skin is oily, then a water-based foundation is suitable, if dry - with nutritious components in the composition. If you ignore the type of skin and do not use matting agents, then you risk turning into a pancake shiny in a frying pan. Of course, you won't be able to renew the tone every half hour, so compact matting napkins that fit easily into any purse will come in handy. Moreover, you can find them in any cosmetic store.

And your face is white

If you apply and blend the foundation flawlessly, then there is still a risk of screwing up at the finish line - while fixing the result with transparent powder. And the point is not even that it can be applied too densely or not to guess with a shade, but that sometimes camera flashes can change even the most flawless image. It would seem that transparent powder is capable of replacing multiple layers of foundation and concealer, because reflective particles, when used correctly, will visually relieve wrinkles, blemishes and a dull complexion. However, flash photography can be disastrous.

It is not clear how Angelina Jolie smeared only her left cheekbone in white powder.Miley Cyrus dipped her jaw into a vat of powder, which became disproportionately large and eye-catching. Ashley Judd and Taraji Henson apparently mixed up eye patches and white powder. Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, and Drew Barrymore were in such a hurry from cooking classes that they did not have time to wash off the flour.

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