The Strangest But Most Effective Diets In History

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The Strangest But Most Effective Diets In History
The Strangest But Most Effective Diets In History

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At all times, people have strived for perfection. Earlier, for example, thinness was considered the first sign of an aristocrat. Therefore, a lot of strange and sometimes dangerous diets were invented, which humanity experienced on itself. Rambler will tell you about some of them.

Nicotine diet

A popular advertising campaign of the first half of the twentieth century said - replace the candy with a cigarette. And despite the harmfulness of this method of losing weight, then teenage girls, models, and ballerinas began to actively "smoke" in order to maintain ideal weight and achieve perfection.

Chewable diet

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the world learned about the Horace Fletcher diet. The author of the diet food assured that food must be chewed at least 32 times before swallowing it. If the condition was not met, then this was recognized as a signal from the body that the food had to be spat out. At the same time, it did not matter at all what exactly the person ate - even semolina porridge had to be chewed a given number of times. Surprisingly, this idea earned Horace millions.

Explosive diet

In the 30s of the twentieth century, American doctors noticed a wave of active weight loss among those who worked in warehouses for storing explosives and insect repellents. After that, it turned out that dinitrophenol, which was part of all stored goods, was to blame. This substance accelerates metabolic processes in the body and eliminates fat reserves. Skillful work of marketers and, voila, dinitrophenol is already in the composition of drugs for weight loss and they are sold throughout the country. And all would be fine, only after that a wave of loss of vision and death swept among those who were losing weight.

Sleepy diet

When we sleep, we do not eat - a very simple truth that American people understood in the 70s. But Elvis Presley, who was a big fan of this approach, learned it especially well. But the diet was not based on the physical need for sleep, but on a handful of sleeping pills. Under the power of such pills, those seeking to lose weight could stay in bed for several days, and some of them did not wake up at all.

Diet on alcohol

The first person who decided to try a very strange way to lose weight was the British ruler William the Conqueror. The period of his reign fell on the 11th century, not the best time for England. Then people really had no time for luxury in food, so people practically did not experience problems with weight, people were more worried not about how to lose weight, but how not to die of hunger.

But fat people, on the contrary, were an example of luxury and wealth. The then ruler just met all the signs of the elite of those times, and, according to legend, he decided to lose weight after the horses could not transport him. It was then that Wilhelm completely excluded food from his diet and switched to beer and wine. Whether he managed to lose weight on such a "intoxicating" diet is unknown, because the inventor of the unusual diet soon fell from his horse and died.

Vinegar diet

Lord Byron always strived to look perfect, graceful and young, so diets were a matter of course for him. To have a noble pallor, before eating food, he soaked it in vinegar, and then drank acid, which he had previously diluted with water. He died at the age of 36 and, as evidenced by the autopsy, the body of the deceased was much older in its condition than its owner.

HCG diet

In the middle of the twentieth century, an English doctor introduced his own version of the diet - to consume no more than 500 Kcal per day to receive the hCG hormone (in a simple way, the hormone of pregnancy). It is no secret that any hormonal invasion of the body does not go unnoticed, and even then such a diet did not lead to a happy ending - those who wanted to lose weight were continually diagnosed with depression, migraines and thrombosis. Although we must admit that with all this, they lost weight pretty quickly.

Worm diet

In the same middle of the twentieth century, but already in the United States, an equally strange diet flourished, which implied the use of tablets with worms. The diet gained popularity thanks to the opera singer Maria Callas, who miraculously got rid of 35 kg in just 16 months.

The fashion for worm pills came to us much later, and they called them "Thai pills". The blister contained only a couple of tablets - one inhabited by parasites, and the other contained a huge dose of the drug against worms.

Horns and hooves

In the 70s, Robert Lynn invented a wonderful drink that promised to suppress appetite. And it is worth noting that he coped with the task 100%.

The doctor cooked his creation from the waste of the cattle slaughterhouse, a kind of jelly was obtained. Drinking this was recommended instead of eating, and those who listened really lost weight, which is not at all surprising, because a glass of such a brew contained less than 400 calories.

Hallelujah Diet

In the 90s, a pastor from the United States, together with his wife, invented a dietary system that led to God and health. The name for the food system was not chosen for a long time; the name of the farm on which the "divine" products grew was similarly called.

This diet was nothing more than a low-calorie vegetarian meal made entirely of grains and vegetables. According to the authors of the diet, this was the kind of food that was in paradise where Adam and Eve lived. Well, be that as it may, of all the above presented, this diet is the most harmless.

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