Lukashenka Promised Expelled Students Restoration "under Guarantees"

Lukashenka Promised Expelled Students Restoration "under Guarantees"
Lukashenka Promised Expelled Students Restoration "under Guarantees"

Video: Lukashenka Promised Expelled Students Restoration "under Guarantees"

Video: ПРОСЛУШКА пресс-секретаря Лукашенко | Пауки в банке | Беларусь 2022, December

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed deputies and parliamentarians to develop a mechanism for returning previously expelled students to universities. The Belarusian leader in an interview with representatives of local media and the press of neighboring countries noted that 300 people were expelled for participating in unauthorized actions.

«I instructed to work out a mechanism. Well, we threw out these 300 people. I will not say that they are frostbitten and bad. And they are doing fine. Some - generally very capable people. I think we will lose them. Who needs them? Well, they will go to Poland, and let them work there, but they are not needed there. I instructed the relevant officials, parliamentarians, deputies to develop a mechanism. We must look at these expelled. I have practice «under warranty», - said Lukashenko, he is quoted by TASS.

The Belarusian leader specified that the republic will also form commissions of universities, which will consider applications of students and their parents for the restoration of those expelled.

“We will now form commissions for universities. These will also include representatives of universities, youth and student committees, and self-government bodies. Plus, I have authorized persons in charge for universities. So they will get together and consider all these applications ", - said Lukashenko.

The President of Belarus added that he received numerous letters from the parents of expelled students with a request to restore their children, as well as from the students themselves, who "changed their minds."

“Tell the president: we have always been for him, voted and now we vote - we will fight and we will fight. <…> But it happened: my daughter, no matter how we tried to re-educate her, beat her head, it happened, was expelled. Please return, if possible, to the university», - the Belarusian leader quoted one of the letters.

At the end of October, Alexander Lukashenko instructed universities to expel students who took part in uncoordinated actions. The head of state stressed that otherwise “it will hurt” and promised that the rest “will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law”.

“Students, come to study - study. Whoever wants, let him study. Whoever went out in violation of the law for unauthorized actions is deprived of the right to be a student. Please send them, as I said, some to the army and some to the street. Let them walk down the street. But they must be expelled from the university "- said the President of Belarus.

Lukashenko noted that teachers of universities, where students who went to uncoordinated rallies study, should also be dismissed. According to him, "there are also very few of them who behave disgustingly in universities."

Presidential elections were held in Belarus on August 9. The country's CEC declared them the winner of the incumbent head of state Alexander Lukashenko. One of his main rivals, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, and her supporters disagreed with the results. Protests began in Belarus, which continue to this day.


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