50 Stars Over 50 (and They Are Beautiful)

50 Stars Over 50 (and They Are Beautiful)
50 Stars Over 50 (and They Are Beautiful)

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Who do the stars consider beauty icons and what means do Elle Macpherson and Halle Berry use? The second part of the material is about women who are age only to face. Read the first link.


Kim Basinger

Kim is 63 years old. Her daughter Ireland Baldwin considers her mother a beauty icon. “I love my mom's style in the 80s and 90s. I remember the crazy vibrant lipsticks and the Twiggy-style eyelashes. She also loved purple shadows. My mom now lets me buy cosmetics from brands that don't test on animals.” In an interview with French Marie Claire, Kim herself said that she never sunbathes and always uses SPF50 cream and lip balm. Her favorite brand is Lancaster. The actress is a vegetarian and does cardio. He also regularly goes to the sauna.

Elle Macpherson

The Australian supermodel turned 53 in March. It's hard to believe when you look at her Instagram. Elle poses in a bikini, does yoga, and takes pictures for her own brand of lingerie, Elle Macpherson Body, which can be found on Net-a-Porter and at Saks-level department stores on Fifth Avenue. The model says that the secret of her eternal youth is in proper nutrition, a competent daily routine, regular intake of vitamins, swimming and stable training (for 15 years she has been helped by the creator of the Bodyism system, James Duigan). And together with Dr.Simona Laubscher, they created The Super Elixir, a herbal beauty complex from WelleCo, led by El.

Halle Berry

At 51, Halle Berry is raising children (9-year-old Nala and 3-year-old Maceo) and does not think about plastic surgery. Her daily care includes cleansing milk, toner, moisturizer and eye contour. “In ordinary life, I hardly ever dye, when you take care of your skin, you have a beautiful canvas for applying any makeup,” says the star. Once a week, the actress applies products from Olga Lorencin's Red Carpet Facial system: peeling, moisturizing serum and oxygen mask.

Demmy Moor

“In his youth, Demi's face had a rounded shape with flowing soft features. But with age, the star has pronounced outlined cheekbones - the result of volumetric modeling. Thanks to botulinum toxin injections, her forehead and brow area are wrinkle-free. And the skin itself looks very well-groomed: most likely biorevitalization or mesotherapy takes place,”says dermatologist-cosmetologist Viktoria Goncharuk. Ksenia Legkova, a dentist at the Seline clinic, adds that Demi also restored her smile with ceramic crowns. Thanks to all the manipulations, Demi, at 54, looks great and suits her 29-year-old daughter Rumer's sister.

Diane Lane

Diane, 52, told InStyle magazine that she already has so little time during the day to think about her own skin. In ordinary life, the actress does minimal makeup: "I lightly touch my eyelashes with mascara, I put a nude shade on my lips and finish everything with blush." Diane's main beauty secret is healthy sleep. "I've tried different things, but only sleep gives the desired result."

Meryl Streep

Meryl is an ardent opponent of plastics. “The older you get, the more interesting it is to act in films,” says Meryl. "You are no longer asked to be the beautiful protagonist." Now the actress is 68 years old, she has three Oscars and four films in line for distribution. And the star has been happily married to New York sculptor Don Gummer for 39 years.

Cindy Crawford

In February, Cindy turned 51. Around this time, she graced the cover of Australian Vogue, where she looked the same as 20 years ago. Victoria Goncharuk says that now Cindy's face is more harmonious than in her youth. “Due to the volumetric increase in the cheekbones, the emphasis from the imposing chin moved to the middle third of the face, which made it feminine and sophisticated.There are practically no nasolabial folds: most likely, their contour correction was carried out. And the forehead and between the eyebrows are smooth and shiny thanks to botulinum toxin."

Salma Hayek

Salma, 51, starts every morning with ice baths. At the same time, the actress does not use cleansers, believing that at night the skin secretes useful oils that help maintain the acid-base balance, and in no case should be washed off with cleansers. Salma is not dieting, but she does yoga regularly with instructor Chad Dennis at Wanderlust Hollywood Studios. The star's favorite cream is Nuance AM / PM Anti-Aging Super Cream. The actress created this brand herself in 2011 in honor of her grandmother.

Kim Cattrall

In an interview with People, Kim revealed that like many Britons, she has sensitive skin. “I used to try different products, but my skin didn’t like anything. And in hot countries, a rash generally appeared. I am very careful with the choice of funds: nothing too "heavy", allergenic. And, of course, I take off my makeup every night. " Kim is a fan of the Olay brand. She regularly uses Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Lotion. He also takes Omega-3. The actress is 61 years old.


Madonna denies any information about plastic surgery. At the same time, the star appears at important events (Oscar 2007, Met Gala 2016) with a radically rejuvenated face. This is the result of the competent work of cosmetologists, botulinum toxin injections, hyaluronic acid fillers (for modeling cheekbones) and regular biorevitalization. In addition to going to a beautician, the 59-year-old star has been doing cardio workouts, Ashtanga yoga, Pilates, and has been following a macrobiotic diet since 1990.

Susan Sarandon

Victoria Goncharuk says that in her youth, Susan shows signs of beginning hernias of the lower eyelids and does not have pronounced cheekbones. Now the actress is 70, and her hernias have disappeared and beautiful cheeks have appeared - the result of the work of a beautician and a plastic surgeon. The cheekbones are simulated with fillers. The hernia was surgically removed. Perfectly smooth forehead is the result of botulinum toxin injection. Last year, Susan became a L'Oreal Paris ambassador alongside Eva Longoria and Blake Lively. She represents the Age Perfect line of products.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney is 68 years old. The actress does not like to talk about her appearance, explaining this by the fact that there are things that are more important than me. In matters of style, she rarely experimented in real life (as opposed to film transformations). Only once, in 1999, she dyed her hair blonde, but then returned to a dark shade and has not changed to this day.

Sandra Bullock

At 53, Sandra has a very fresh and rested face. It is known that the actress did rhinoplasty. It turned out well: Sandra managed to maintain the natural shape of the nose by narrowing the back and wings and reducing the tip. With age, the shape of the lips and cheekbones of the star has not changed, although they usually begin to "blur". This is work with botulinum toxin injections and hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

Kelly Preston

Kelly and her husband John Travolta (the couple have been together for 28 years) rarely go out. Last year, after a long hiatus, they were at the Emmy Awards and both looked great. The actors went through a difficult period (in 2009 they lost their eldest son Jett) and gave birth to their third child in 2010. Kelly was then 48 years old.

Tilda Swinton

In 2014, Tilda Swinton (she was then 53) became the face of the NARS spring-summer collection. Tilda told Canadian Elle that she looks up to her grandmother, David Bowie, children, Patti Smith and Dolphin Seyrig in beauty matters.

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