10 Tips For The Best Shopping Experience

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10 Tips For The Best Shopping Experience
10 Tips For The Best Shopping Experience

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Actually, the pantyhose should be thanked! And not only for the fact that they do not give us anything to freeze, but also for every morning exercises in the form of vigorous squats and jumps, contributing to a better fit of this modest piece of clothing. But despite all the care about us, many still do not pay due attention to this accessory, but in vain!

Good tights make the image complete, and bad ones turn even the most thoughtful set into a typical “wrong”. Well, and again legs. Slender legs are nice to emphasize with stylish tights, but we do not mask “bad legs”, this time not under maxi, but under neutral tight tights, and always without shine.

The best choice:

Our must-have list is as follows: dense black, gray, brown tights. Optionally, you can add dark blue, khaki and burgundy here. Strictly matte and den is bigger!

Smooth or melange, with push-ups or other tricks - you decide. Save your thin sheer tights for later. Closed shoes (boots, boots and ankle boots) cannot be worn.

Demi-season shoes

Winter has not come forever, but who of us remembers this when there are Christmas trees, snowmen and other Santa Claus around. In the hustle and bustle of New Year's holidays, winter boots, ugg boots and warmer boots are briskly swept from store shelves (thanks to the weather!), And the autumn collection is preserved well.

But very soon - in the expected spring or even winter thaws - you will want to wear lighter shoes, and at the same time newer ones.

The best choice:

Boots with chunky soles, the new trendy square toe boots or the timelessly elegant pointed ankle boots, as well as over the knee boots. Colors - from classic black and weightless flesh, to piercing red.

Those who are not afraid of heights and are confident in their own sense of balance choose ankle boots with crazy platforms and thick heels - a tribute to the fashion of the 90s.


Long gone are the days when brooches lived only in grandmother's boxes and flea markets.

Modern women of fashion have rehabilitated this accessory, realizing that they can easily transform almost any thing - be it a dress, skirt, bag or even a coat.


Now brooches are back as full-fledged participants in fashionable races. They are produced by eminent jewelers and obscure handmakers, in large quantities and to order. And already few people would think to consider brooches a mothballs relic.

The best choice:

Choosing brooches, you can focus on both the classics and frivolous modern plots. It is best to choose a lot of small brooches or ironic icons and make an expressive panel out of them.


There are never many pants, and they are rarely out of place. If your eyes have long fallen on some fashionable model, but your hands have not dared to bring this model to the fitting room or the cash register, then sales are a great time to experiment.

Basic trousers are sold out instantly at the dawn of sales, but trendy models often live up to the most immodest discounts. Thus, at minimal cost, the wardrobe is replenished with something that was not easy to decide for the full price.

Of course, at the sight of an updated price tag, the mind can let us down, and the feeling of beauty can suddenly and treacherously refuse - then we buy a deliberately bad thing with an imperfect fit. But a minimal educational program on trends and heavy artillery in the form of a straightforward friend reduce these risks to a minimum.

The best choice:

Culottes that many want but few dare to wear, high-waisted bell-bottoms, iconic mom jeans - all of these trouser models have firmly established themselves at the top of the fashion ratings. We just have to choose the most desirable ones or buy everything in one fell swoop - that's what the sales are for.

Faux fur coat

In our enlightened age, eco-fur is worn not because mink and chinchilla are too expensive, but because it is humane, affordable and incredibly fashionable. While some are trying to convey the texture of real fur as accurately as possible (in which, by the way, they succeed a lot, and every year more and more), others fill the windows with fur of animals that are clearly non-existent in nature.

But the main thing here is not a claim to authenticity and naturalness, but compliance with the latest trends. If the relevance of artificial fur coats is not enough argument for you, then be guided by practicality: an eco-fur coat will serve you next spring instead of a coat. A great reason to extend the fur season.


The best choice:

Current fur coats have ceased to be a solid thing for over-aged matrons. On the contrary, they have become more flirtatious and more cheerful. Therefore, choose a fur coat in a pastel palette, sewn with patches or using the patchwork technique - this is what the most fashionable furs look like.


Knitted jersey is a kind of uniform for fall and winter. Without it, nowhere. With skirts, trousers, in the form of dresses - he accompanies us most of the year. Only the combinations change.

Now jumpers and sweaters are usually combined with pleated skirts or lace pencils. However, we also do not discount the sets with trousers and jeans - they are with us forever.

The best choice:

Bulky, fluffy, pliable and pliable - sweaters should hug and envelop you. Restrained gray, delicate pastel, nude shades create the basis of a knitted wardrobe.

And do not forget about the texture - it should attract attention: somewhere with a metallized sheen, somewhere with chain mail, somewhere with fashionable destructive elements (in the common people - holes), and somewhere with the airy fluff of angora.

By the way, it is not necessary to look for a sweater in strict accordance with its size: for the sake of a fashionable oversized cut, you can buy knitwear one size larger, or even two. So the selling costs in the form of a shortage of sizes will play into your hands.


It is not often that basic things become fashionable hits. According to a long established tradition, it is customary to refer them to the category of mandatory classics. Everyone has it, it is combined with everything, it is used whenever you need to put on something quickly, without going into complex images.

It's different this year. Designers offer us time-tested solutions: plaid suits and good old turtlenecks.

If someone has forgotten, then a jumper with a high neck looks great tucked into a skirt, gets along well with a suit and even feels good when paired with thin dresses in linen style.


The best choice:

Classic clear colors are ideal for a turtleneck: black, burgundy, blue. Light pearl and powdery shades are also quite in the spirit of current trends. But bright plastic colors do not look so elegant and do not tolerate a union with a simple laconic turtleneck.

A bag

Bags, bags, handbags! This female passion follows the passion of the shoe, and sometimes on a par with it. In the arsenal of a real woman, there are bags of all colors and sizes: from tiny decorative minaudiers, where a smartphone does not always fit, to roomy shoppers, where a lunchbox, a weighty glossy magazine, and a laptop, if necessary, can easily coexist.

In a sale, buying a favorite accessory turns into a gamble, in which a treasured handbag at a pleasant price becomes a win.

The best choice:

Try to find a bag in a juicy berry shade, a noble beige tone, or a saffron or mustard color - they will be appropriate not only until the end of winter, but also in a spring wardrobe too. However, you shouldn't give up the black-brown classics either, it will always come in handy.


Warming your head can be not only practical, but also fashionable. Hats can become as expressive an accent of an image as, say, a bag or a scarf.

We will save our hats and caps until confidently warm weather, and now is the time to arm ourselves with an actual cap. Fortunately, these wardrobe items are always in short supply, they are rarely tied to size ranges, and therefore you can easily get them even at the peak of discounts.

The best choice:

Of course, this will be a voluminous knitted, exaggeratedly large hat. Better fluffy, with the addition of angora. Even better - in a joyfully delicate palette or knitted from threads of several colors. Perfectly - with a brooch, you can have more than one.

Fur hats - earflaps or round - will also serve you faithfully for another 1.5-2 months at least. In addition to the hat, a kerchief with a print or embroidery is useful. We tie it in a simple way from the front, without tucking the edges.


How wonderful it is when the pragmatic calculation "so as not to blow" coincides in the aesthetic benefit. Indeed, this year the designers insulated us as fashionably as possible. Here are the already mentioned turtleneck necks, and of course, scarves.


Actually, scarves cannot go out of fashion: all months of the year, when a piercing wind blows, we invariably take out scarves. The only difference is in fabrics and designs, but the scarf itself as a thing never loses its relevance.

The best choice:

Graceful skinny scarves can be bought only with an eye to spring or just "for beauty." But when going out into the street, you will need a more weighty argument - for example, a wide long scarf in a cage or strip.

However, plain, smooth, melange and knitted ribbed scarves are also good. The main thing is that the material is not spared on the scarf: you need to wrap yourself in a fashionable scarf in at least two turns, better with your head. It is not for nothing that some designers have proposed scarves so large that they can be folded into a full-fledged cardigan or poncho.

And for those who want to take a piece of home comfort with them on the road, they came up with plaid scarves. We are waiting for the coffee cup holder to be installed in them. In the meantime, we manage to buy what has been preserved on store shelves.

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