The Man Spent His Entire Family Budget On Fake Abs Cubes

The Man Spent His Entire Family Budget On Fake Abs Cubes
The Man Spent His Entire Family Budget On Fake Abs Cubes

Video: The Man Spent His Entire Family Budget On Fake Abs Cubes

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A resident of the English city of South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK, complained that her lover spent the entire family budget on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery. Her story was published by The Sun.


According to 37-year-old office manager Kelly Meyers, her partner, 41-year-old security guard Adam Baroni, at some point was so scared of getting old that he began to spend all the couple's money on various procedures to improve their appearance. …

He bleached his teeth five times, then put veneers, gave eight Botox injections to his face and pumped six fillers, and also went to surgery to remove excess fat and implant fake abs cubes. Baroni is constantly spending money on fake tanning, fashion items and eyebrow shaping. In total, he spent 20 thousand pounds (1.7 million rubles) on this and is not going to stop. His main dream is to achieve a body like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If the Briton used to go to the gym six days a week, and each workout lasted two hours, now he only works out two and a half hours a week at home. His girlfriend claims that during the entire quarantine she had to listen to him nagging about the delayed plastic surgery.

Meyers complains that he does not remember the last time a lover took her to a cafe or gave her gifts. She claims she doesn't get anything from him even for her birthday and Christmas. Nevertheless, she is glad that Baroni has gained confidence in himself and is pleased with his own body. Looking at how he was made happy with plastic surgery, Meyers decided to enlarge her breasts.

“Our conservative friends advise us to invest in real estate, not in operations. I think they envy us,”concluded the British. She stated that they were quite satisfied with life in a two-room apartment.

Earlier it was reported about an American woman who underwent 47 cosmetic procedures in an attempt to regain natural beauty. For this, she was awarded a mention in the Guinness Book of Records, but this upset her. The American explained her disappointment by the fact that "she did not want to be known as a participant in the circus of freaks."

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