What Signs Give Out A Perfect Woman And A Tasteless Man (and How To Fix It)

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What Signs Give Out A Perfect Woman And A Tasteless Man (and How To Fix It)
What Signs Give Out A Perfect Woman And A Tasteless Man (and How To Fix It)
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You probably also noticed that some people easily charm everyone around and get what they want, while others have to work hard to find like-minded people and achieve success. Mystic? Not at all! The bottom line depends on how much your image inspires confidence and the desire to do something for you.

Together with our expert, we figure out how to learn how to look stylish, elegant and make the right impression on others.

They are greeted by their clothes and hardly anyone will argue with that. Moreover, if earlier it was possible to attract the attention of a certain circle of people with the help of "heavy luxury", today you can look like a million without even spending fabulous sums on your image. After all, in order to make an impression, in addition to correctly selected things, you also need to have a certain charisma and manners.

Together with our expert, writer, blogger, author of popular online courses Svetlana Fateeva, we find out what signs give out a perfect woman and a tasteless man, and at the same time we will understand how this can be corrected.

I am sure that looking neat and clean is the duty of every woman!

Well-groomed and beauty are not the same thing. Beauty is a relative concept. Well-groomed and attractiveness is the result of self-improvement. I used to experiment a lot with my appearance. But the time for experimentation has passed. I stayed with the style of a confident woman. I would very much like to convey to you the principles that I am guided by myself.

Svetlana Fateeva

Writer, businessman, blogger on the social network Instagram, author of popular online courses

It's all about the details. Let's talk about them.

  1. We are categorically against fakes, replicas of famous brands. Maybe some of the people around will be able to deceive, but the woman herself will know the truth.
  2. There is a timeless style. It is not necessary to "run" for seasonal trends, a win-win choice is a classic. This option allows you to always look expensive.
  3. A very important detail is that things should be clearly sized. It's great if you can wear pre-pregnant jeans. It is bad if at the same time the sides and tummy hang from them. The right length, a good fit, is often much more important than the cost of things.
  4. Sequins, rhinestones, lurex, mesh, ruffles, numerous bows, an abundance of lace, transparent guipure bodysuits - all these details will make the look cheaper and more vulgar with one hundred percent probability.
  5. We do not recommend giving in to brand mania even in pursuit of fashion. When every thing is signed in large letters, it certainly does not hint at a sense of style and self-esteem.
  6. You need to be careful with any print, be it a check, a leopard or tropical flowers. If you have any doubts about how to wear and combine, remember the golden rule: one thing with an active print, everything else is restrained.
  7. Another time-tested rule. We open either the legs, or the neckline, or the shoulders. Opening everything at once is the height of vulgarity.
  8. The lack of underwear under the clothes is noticeable. This might be okay for a non-first date, for example. But in everyday life, it can pretty much spoil your image.
  9. Jewelry most often looks good in modern looks. Beautiful jewelry has its own charm and grace. Only what you wear without a sense of self-confidence looks cheap.
  10. Hands should be well groomed and with a nice fresh manicure. Choose a monochromatic manicure of some classic noble color, nude, French
  11. Don't decorate yourself like a Kremlin Christmas tree. Remember, you have three main areas: ears, neck, and arms. One area contains one decoration. We do not decorate all three at the same time. The clock also counts!
  12. We don't wear diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires during the day. This is bad manners.
  13. We do not wear pendants with zodiac signs either day or night.
  14. Nude tights should not be visible from a mile away. Their task is to smooth out skin imperfections, to create the effect of perfect legs, not shiny bags.
  15. The perfect woman is given sunglasses on a beautiful chain.
  16. But the sunglasses on the head hint at a lack of knowledge of etiquette.
  17. Home clothes are clothes bought especially for the home! Suits, dresses, body-pleasing T-shirts and shorts with elements of sexuality. If the dressing gown is something flowing, piquantly revealing either a leg or not a leg. So that the eye burns!
  18. Sports chic for the home is also a good option. Just wearing sports, do not forget about the chic. Slippers decide too. Choose comfortable and beautiful.

What else gives out a perfect woman and where a wallet is not needed:

  • graceful, beautiful gait;
  • straight posture;
  • sweet smile with the corners of the lips;
  • direct and friendly look;
  • smooth gestures;
  • unhurried speech;
  • pleasant gentle voice.

A perfect woman is one who wants to be the best version of herself. And not only wants, but also does something for this!

With themselves sorted out! What if your chosen one is a fan of bubble tights, sweaters tucked into pants, pants tucked into socks and socks packed in sandals? How to deal with this and at the same time not offend a person?

How can you tactfully hint to your partner that he is dressing tastelessly?

  1. Present him a beautiful thing. A better set: a jumper, a shirt, preferably immediately with trousers, shoes and a handkerchief. Will show off, hint that they do not look a gift horse in the mouth.
  2. Have a heart-to-heart talk: “Dear, I love you magu, but I'll go to the restaurant alone. There people are all from high society, they will misunderstand. " Be wise, hit on ambition, not self-esteem and manhood.
  3. Tickle his male ego just a little. Almost all men want professional success, material wealth, and the appearance of an alpha male. So hint that in the "frog shale" on the socks, he will not rise high on the career ladder. In this form, except that to ply the round-the-clock beer store.
  4. Praise !!! Any attempt to change, change clothes - encourage.
  5. Offer help, buy something to your liking. He does not like? We recall the point about the horse.
  6. And the most important thing. Look at yourself. Usually, next to a beautiful, well-groomed, perfect woman, a man wants to match, to be both internally and externally a gentleman, and not a ragamuffin. Therefore, if you want to change, you still have to start with yourself.

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