How Plastic Surgery Changed The Life And Fate Of Russian TV Presenters

How Plastic Surgery Changed The Life And Fate Of Russian TV Presenters
How Plastic Surgery Changed The Life And Fate Of Russian TV Presenters

Video: How Plastic Surgery Changed The Life And Fate Of Russian TV Presenters

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Plastic surgery has helped many Russian TV presenters not only improve their appearance, but also increase their popularity. What they were at the dawn of their careers and how they look today - see our selection. Masha Malinovskaya


Masha Malinovskaya was a popular fashion model, actress, singer and even a deputy! But for most of her fans, Masha will forever remain the host of 10 Sexy on MUZ-TV. The girl has so many plastic surgeries on her account that you can lose count. It is not surprising that, comparing Masha's old pictures with today's ones, it is hard to believe that they are the same person.

Arina Sharapova

Last year, fans did not recognize TV presenter Arina Sharapova. Viewers suggested that competent plastic surgeons and cosmetologists helped Sharapova to look younger. Most likely, the TV presenter did blepharoplasty, a contour facelift and resorted to different beauty injections on the face and in the décolleté area.

Tatiana Vedeneeva

What is it about the fact that a woman always wants to stay young and beautiful? This is exactly what Tatyana Vedeneeva thinks, who does not hide the fact that she has repeatedly turned to the services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Today, the TV presenter looks much younger than her age: there is not a single wrinkle on her face, and young girls can envy her figure.

Oksana Pushkina

But not everyone was lucky with doctors and cosmetologists. After the "rejuvenation" session, the face of TV presenter Oksana Pushkina became covered with bumps. An unscrupulous beautician used a low-quality drug, which is almost impossible to remove. “I still don’t know how the story with the ill-fated cosmetic procedures will end for me,” Pushkina admitted. - What will happen to my face? With my health? It's like a bullet with a delayed action, as doctors say, a foreign body that is in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, it gives constant inflammation"

Roza Syabitova

It is difficult to call TV presenter Rosa Syabitova a classic beauty. But the way the star has changed over the past few years is worthy of respect. Thanks to skilled plastic surgeons, the "main matchmaker of Russia" today looks much more attractive and, most surprisingly, younger than 10 years ago.

Larisa Guzeeva

TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva never hid her age, details of her personal life, or bad habits. Performed blepharoplasty, the star of the show "Let's Get Married!" also did not hide. “It was scary, but the result was worth it,” Guzeeva admitted in an interview.

Ksenia Strizh

Last year, the popular TV presenter of the 90s, Ksenia Strizh, became the heroine of the First Channel program "10 Years Younger". Ksenia went through several plastic surgeries at once, but the result was worth it: the presenter began to look much younger and more attractive.

Dana Borisova

At the beginning of the 2000s, the host of the military-patriotic program "Army Shop" Dana Borisova was a sex symbol for the entire Russian army. It is a pity that today, due to the excessive passion for beauty injections and bad habits, not a trace of this charming blonde has remained.

Elena Proklova

The actress and TV presenter Elena Proklova has a lot of plastic surgeries on her account. To say that all of them were successful - one cannot dare. The star's face looks unnatural: the lips are too plump, the skin is shiny, and the face itself seems swollen. Despite the negative comments from fans and colleagues in the shop, Proklova herself is quite happy with her appearance.

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