Nose Sharpener, Mouth Extender And Cheekbone Lifter: 10 Weird Beauty Gadgets

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Nose Sharpener, Mouth Extender And Cheekbone Lifter: 10 Weird Beauty Gadgets
Nose Sharpener, Mouth Extender And Cheekbone Lifter: 10 Weird Beauty Gadgets

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The beauty industry is generous with inventions, but some of them cause bewilderment at best, and at worst, health concerns for the one who decides to use them. We hope it won't be you!


Mouth extension

A spacer inserted into the corners of the lips will turn a cute mouth into a wide smile.

You can show trick with a light bulb!

Nose sharpener

The manufacturers claim that if you wear this clothespin every night, your nose will become thinner and sleeker in a couple of months.

Well, if during this time you do not forget how to breathe and you can sleep at least a couple of hours a day.

Breast massager

We thought it was a back comb, but no. The instructions indicate that the massager stimulates blood circulation, restores tissue tone (which is not bad) and reaches where the hand cannot reach.

We experimented honestly, but we could not find a woman who did not reach her own breasts.

Diamond mask

No, there are no diamonds in the composition of this fabric, the developers just decided that it sounds more beautiful this way.

The purpose of the mask is to relieve you of a double chin. We did not find scientific evidence for this, but the mask came in handy for playing robbery for the sons of our colleague.

Cheek trainer

Admit it: you, too, at first decided that it was about oral sex? In fact, you have to put this thing in your mouth and talk.

The elastic contraption resists, you have to put in a lot of effort to speak, the muscles train. Manufacturers have not heard about stretching the skin of the face and lips.

Neck trainer

Sex toy again? No, this pump is for training non-existent muscles.

You rest it with one end on the collarbone, the other on the chin, and forward: shake your head like a Chinese dummy. The thin skin of the neck will not change in any way, but if you do it in front of the mirror, you can laugh a lot.

Electrical impulse nasal contouring device

We'll just leave it here.

Smile Trainer

At the edges of this brace are electrodes that stimulate the facial muscles, forcing them to contract and fix in a smile.

We walk and smile. And we smile. Until you get used to it and turn into Nicholson's character from The Shining.

Cheekbone lifter

Well, yes, they hooked it - and turned into Uma Thurman. Or Chucky's fiancee. If we get lucky.

Lip Enlarger

Well, how can it be without him! Bring the first cylinder to your lips, draw in air, wait 20 seconds. And so three times, changing the cylinders.

The effect (we checked) lasted as much as 30 minutes. At the same time, the first 10 to look at a desperate experimenter was scary.

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