Male Pleasure. On The Couch?

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Male Pleasure. On The Couch?
Male Pleasure. On The Couch?

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As much as we strive for gender equality, there are areas where the differences are all too obvious. For example, these are leisure habits and pleasures. She wants to go shopping, but he would rather go to the bathhouse. She - to visit her mother, he - to play football. She - a low-calorie diet and a cottage cheese cake. Him - steak with blood. She - a beach with mojito, rafting for him in Altai. She is a beautiful melodrama. Him - boxing or hockey. At least on TV.

On the eve of February 23, we are talking about the TV channels that he will definitely like. This is about sports and about drive. And you don't have to get up from the couch until the weather improves.

And immediately a spoiler: after reading the article to the end, you will learn how to make a real man's gift with the help of MTS.

MATCH! Premier

Football is our everything. The world championship, which took place the year before last, confirmed this truth. It is best to watch the most current matches of world and European tournaments at the Match! Premier. All significant championships are here. The channel itself positions itself as a "Premium Channel about Russian Football." But football is not only a sport - it is a philosophy. In addition to the tournaments themselves, the channel shows "roll calls" between matches taking place at the same time, exclusive issues of professional football programs, studio analytics, special reports and films.

More Football Channels

For whom football "cream" with the MATCH! The Premier is not enough, he can connect special "football" channels of the MATCH family! They are called Match! Football1, Match! Football2 and Match! Football3. One, two, three - it's simple. But why are there so many football channels? Because there is a lot of football in the world. As well as those who want to talk and listen about it (or better - to look). If there are national championships all over Europe - you can't cram them into one channel - it's easier to distribute them in different ways. Well, in general - there is never too much football. Connoisseurs will understand.

M-1 Globa

But there are those for whom the drive in football is not enough. Then switch to M-1 Global: the channel of the promoter club of the same name, and de facto - the Russian school of mixed martial arts, where the brothers Emelianenko, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Roman Zentsov, Amar Suloev and many others came from. All MMA matches held under the auspices of M-1 Global are on the channel. The best fighters in the world in all weight categories. Mixed martial arts are not fights without rules at all. These are fights according to all the rules of all martial arts. Real emotions, real strength.


More conservative hand-to-hand combatants will love this channel. There is most of all boxing, but there are other fighting tournaments. At the same time, the channel broadcasts not only battles, but also discussions of both tournaments and fights, and the trends of modern wrestling. Tells about schools, about the education of young athletes.

Auto Plus HD

Channel for car enthusiasts. Tests and tuning. News of the world auto industry and reviews of new products in the car market. Expert comments on technical and safety issues, driving, design, and the choice of used cars. The history of auto legends: Pontiac and Hammer, LuAZ and OKA, SAAB and Rover. But not only. Separate programs of the channel are dedicated to sports cars and heavy trucks.


The TV channel tells about life on earth. Together with the camera of the transmission operators, the channel allows you to descend to the depths of the ocean and get into the Arctic ice, visit the jungles and impenetrable taiga. Watch what is inaccessible to the city dweller: sunrise in the mountains or salmon spawning, volcanic eruptions and the migration of African birds. There are many programs on the channel about people living in harmony with nature in the farthest corners of the Earth or surviving in the harsh conditions of primitive unsettledness.


Where in our northern country without hockey? And if you do not play yourself, then you will surely enjoy looking at the "magnificent sixes" racing with clubs on the shining ice.The KHL channel, both in standard format and in high definition, shows all the matches of the regular championship of the KHL and the Gagarin Cup live, as well as the games of the MHL, VHL and ZhHL and their replays. But the creators are not limited to just broadcasting the competition. The history of hockey, news and events in the KHL, programs about the stars of Russian and world hockey are all on the KHL channels around the clock.

All channels are available for subscribers of MTS Satellite TV in basic or additional packages. You can find out the terms of connection on the website, by phone 8 800 250 0890, 8 910 740 38 96 or in the operator's retail stores.

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