10 Things That Betray A "dear" Woman

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10 Things That Betray A "dear" Woman
10 Things That Betray A "dear" Woman

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The stars spend insane amounts on their beauty - the best cosmetologists, make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers work on their images. All so that we gasp: "Wow, this is a dear woman, I will never be like that!" But the last one is a mistake! In fact, you can look well-groomed, expensive and effective without large investments - you just need to know the same secrets as the stylists of the stars, and use them. We have collected professional tips for you - catch 10 things that distinguish an "expensive" woman from a girl from the next doorway.

Flawless hairstyle

Not everyone believes that you can look like a real queen without a husband, who is included in the Forbes rating. For example, journalist Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, who for 10 years headed the fitness and beauty department of Cosmopolitan and wrote the book How to Look Expensive, believes that the main thing in the image of a diva on the cover and in life is luxurious hair.

This means that you need to paint the roots (if you paint) at least once a month, and simple paint for home use is also suitable.

When choosing paint, remember: "expensive" color looks natural. Blond should not resemble chicken color, but shades of wheat, platinum, pearls. If you are a brunette, your paints, which have the words "coffee" and "chocolate" in the name. It is optimal if the chosen hair color differs from the native one by no more than three tones. If you are happy with the natural color, use light toning gels to give your hair the brightness and shine, like the models from the shampoo ads.

If you can afford to go to the salon for coloring - great! Because painting in two tones looks even more expensive: playful highlights create an overflow effect that visually adds volume. The main thing is to find a sensible colorist.

Correct makeup

The first rule of successful makeup is that it should emphasize the merits, and not mask the flaws. You have beautiful eyes? Apply some mascara and put golden highlights in the corners of the eyes. Emphasize the sensual mouth with a pencil (you need to shade it well) and bright lipstick. It is not necessary to paint according to the precepts of Gohar Avetisyan: three layers of makeup look good only in the photo, in life the tone should be light, imperceptible, and the accent in the makeup should also not scream. To highlight your own individuality, and not to create an image of a completely different person, is the main and quite feasible task. Not always expensive means are the best choice. L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline have no worse mascaras than Dior: just look for a thicker texture and a fluffy brush. The same applies to lipsticks: all inexpensive firms have fashionable matte shades, no one can tell a lipstick for 5 thousand rubles from a lipstick for 500 on your lips.

Basic wardrobe

The first step is to stop making impulse purchases. You need to think with the whole wardrobe! This means: if you buy this luxurious dress, and you do not have suitable shoes or a bag for it, it will remain hanging in the closet (well, or you will wear it with unsuccessful accessories and the image will not be expensive).

The next step is to create a basic luxury wardrobe. What does it include? A pair of tight knee-length skirts (if your legs are full, then take a midi), two tweed jackets or plain ones with gold buttons, pipe trousers. Most importantly, remember: modern queens do not look like royalty in brocade and diamonds, but like girls from Manhattan: ballet flats, half-face dark glasses, a large bag on the shoulder, a jacket and short trousers. Take the style of Jacqueline Kennedy and Kate Middleton as an example.


Yes, it is not visible, but the feeling when you are wearing beautiful lace underwear is worth a lot. Self-esteem is influenced by our inner perception, you should feel at your best. Therefore, our advice is - do not look at the price, buy yourself two chic sets, which you could not even dream of before.They will serve you for many years and will give you a ton of joy. It's so nice to know that you've put a fortune on a bra (your man will definitely appreciate it, but he'd better not know about the real price).


When the heroine of the acclaimed TV series "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw bought sandals for several hundred dollars, it caused bewilderment. But over the years, you begin to realize that cheap shoes are the worst choice. A high-quality pair of leather boots will cost a lot, but they will be the final chord in your look that a Chinese fake will never be. Trust me, it's better to buy one classic shoe that will go with any outfit than three pairs that will last a week.

Good skin

The only thing worth spending money on is a beautician. But ask him not to download fillers, but to put in order the skin: sometimes one moisturizing session is enough to visually throw off a dozen years. And, of course, don't forget about proper nutrition and fitness, because food and sports directly affect our appearance.

Healthy teeth

A snow-white smile is another sign of a “dear woman”. It is the teeth that give the status and level of income. Be sure to cure and try to bleach them. If this is not enough, consider getting veneers (some clinics can do them in installments).

Money color manicure

No, such a manicure will not shine with rhinestones! And these will not be false and not even extended nails! The most popular colors in expensive beauty salons are pale pink called "ballerina" and dark red burgundy. Of course, other colors are not prohibited, in the summer you can use both blue and yellow, but when choosing a varnish, always think: can I imagine Angelina Jolie or Kate Middleton with such a manicure? No? Take another one!


Plastic is not that. For the image of a rich well-groomed woman, gold, diamonds, platinum, both real and artificial, are suitable. Coco Chanel was the first to wear huge strings of artificial pearls, winding them in rows around her neck and tying them in a knot, she also "allowed" Parisians to wear large fake diamonds. All this will look appropriate against the background of modest plain dresses or even jeans and white shirts, weekend uniforms for gorgeous girls from the Marais.

Exquisite perfume

Money does have a smell - and it is not the smell of flowers or citrus fruits. This is the smell of cashmere, rose, amber, oud, ylang-ylang, vanilla. So feel free to buy perfumes for 1000 rubles in Zarya - they will definitely smell expensive if they contain one of these ingredients.

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