Who Is Instasamka: Life Story And Hot Photos Of The Scandalous Russian Blogger

Who Is Instasamka: Life Story And Hot Photos Of The Scandalous Russian Blogger
Who Is Instasamka: Life Story And Hot Photos Of The Scandalous Russian Blogger

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At the age of 20, she has a multimillion-dollar army of fans and an income that some domestic stars will envy. Having no special talents, this young lady attracts users with shocking behavior and frank content. But, obviously, this also requires talent, because there are many such bloggers going to success, but only she succeeded. Daria Zoteeva, whom I know better as Instasamka, makes money on what annoys, outrages and enrages.

Daria Zoteeva was born on May 11, 2000 in the Siberian city of Tobolsk, in a family of entrepreneurs. The girl grew up in the cheerful company of her brother and sister and she had enough of both parental love and home comfort. But in 2010, the family broke up and Dasha's mother, taking the children, moved to Moscow.

In the capital, the future star of the blogosphere went to school and graduated from 9 classes. Daria initially planned to go to college, but then decided that a career as a petty clerk in an office or a cashier in a supermarket did not appeal to her and decided to make money on the Internet.

Zoteeva began to promote her Instagram account, focusing on her defiant behavior. The girl took the nickname President and began to write reviews on various events taking place in Russia.

She tried to make her content unique, abundantly flavoring it with swear words. Daria quickly realized that the public needed a shake-up, shocking, and therefore gave her just that.

To understand what the people want, Zoteeva had to carefully analyze each of her publications and closely monitor the creativity of competitors. She thought over her posts to the smallest detail, trying to stand out from the crowd of Russian instabloggers, which was expanding every day.

Soon the President went into oblivion, and in her place was Instasamka with a tattooed body, full lips and long nails. Her path to success is hype, so the girl constantly participates in media scandals, and if she does not find them, then she creates her own.

The greatest noise arose around the young person last year, when blogger Nikita Lol told everyone that he had worked as a creative at Instasamka for a long time.

The guy gave away several important secrets of the blogger, including the fact that many of the events that she trumpeted on the network were just primitive staging. Even the robbery of Daria's apartment, after which everyone sympathized with her, was nothing more than a rude fake.

After these revelations, Instasamka began to rapidly lose subscribers, but then repented and promised to improve. Over time, the conflict was forgotten and today Zoteeva is back on horseback and the number of her fans is steadily growing again.

Now more than 2.5 million users have subscribed to the Instasamka account, which brings the girl a good income. She not only can afford to live with her boyfriend in a spacious rented apartment, buy expensive things and travel, but also helps the mother financially in her business.

Last year, the controversial blogger unexpectedly announced that she would no longer shoot comedy sketches and would go into big music. Simply put, Instasamka decided to become a famous rapper and even released her debut album Born to Flex. Daria records tracks with her boyfriend, known on the network under the nickname MONEYKEN.

By the way, the guy of Instasamka, who is actually called Oleg Eropkin, also “got into people” with the help of hype. Moreover, many are sure that Zoteeva helped him become successful, who at the time of their acquaintance was already a fairly well-known person.

Whether it is true or not - it is not for us to judge, but we know for sure that MONEYKEN has already become a significant creative unit in itself and confidently keeps afloat even without the authority of its scandalous girlfriend.

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