7 Stars Who Reduced Breasts

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7 Stars Who Reduced Breasts
7 Stars Who Reduced Breasts

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Alena Vodonaeva The socialite says that all her life she dreamed of a small breast. Alena's mother had the same problem - too curvaceous. The girl thought about the operation for a very long time. After the birth of the child, the bust became even larger, and there was no time to solve the problem. However, the long-awaited day has come. Alena reduced her breasts by surgery and now boasts a slender figure.


Drew Barrymore Chest has always been a problem for Drew, trying to keep her body in shape. Big breasts never brought Barrymore pleasure. The operation was performed by the actress back in the early 90s of the last century. Drew complained that big breasts are a big burden on the psyche. You can lose weight indefinitely, but you will still look fat while you are. Her only plus is that men like her. However, Barrymore was tired of being ignored behind such a bust.

Soleil Moon Fry Breasts always made the actress uncomfortable. She was especially saddened by back pain and the inability to pick up clothes. Soleil reduced the bust by two sizes according to the testimony of doctors. In the future, Fry will repeat many times that this operation was a relief for her.

Jennifer Connelly Once upon a time there were rumors among fans that the actress's breasts were artificial. However, the girl always stated that the fourth size is a gift from Mother Nature. However, today you will not see such a magnificent bust of Jennifer. Connelly herself does not comment on the disappearance of the breast, but if you think about it, without surgery, the bust itself cannot change from 4 to 1 size.

Queen Latifa The actress always stood out with her curvaceous forms, but a couple of years ago Kiun began to lose weight, but her breasts did not want to go anywhere. Later, Latifa admits that she was tired of such a burden and, as a result, dared to undergo a surgical procedure to reduce it. According to the girl, it was already unbearable to wear all this on yourself. The singer did eyelid surgery and breast reduction in one go.

Ariel Winter With this operation Ariel surprised all her fans. The actress reduced her breasts from the sixth to the fourth size. The artist was delighted with the result, which she willingly shared with journalists. The girl felt great. Now it has become easy for her, and she can finally wear loose-fitting dresses, because before she was only wearing tight-fitting clothes. The public reaction to the operation was mixed. Someone supported Ariel, while others condemned the parents of a minor star.

Christina Richie Richie is one of the first stars who decided on this operation. The fourth breast size looked slightly ridiculous with the actress's petite physique. The young girl dared to undergo a surgical procedure at the beginning of the 2000s. After the operation, Richie said that now men began to look into her eyes, and she was happy.

What do experts say about this? Others will never be able to understand girls who suffer from a large bust. In life, women have to suffer from lush breasts. Moreover, if most of the discomfort is only during menstruation, such women have pains all the time. The surgical procedure to reduce the bust was decided even at the beginning of the 2000s, when a magnificent bust was the standard.

In addition, not all girls who have enlarged breasts are satisfied. For example, Pamela Anderson eventually decided to reverse surgery by removing too large implants. Trouble overtook Masha Malinovskaya, whose breasts became deformed after the birth of a child, as a result, the girl simply reduced it.

If you still want to enlarge your breasts, it is important to consult a surgeon and “try on” the size before the operation.It is also worth remembering that implant deformation is quite common.

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