The Cosmetologist Told What Improvised Means Will Help To Delay Aging

The Cosmetologist Told What Improvised Means Will Help To Delay Aging
The Cosmetologist Told What Improvised Means Will Help To Delay Aging

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American Marcela Iglesias from California, who is the creator of her own beauty brand, said that in order to preserve her youth and fresh appearance, she eats Chinese weevils. This, by the way, is far from the most extreme way: actress Demi Moore, for example, once mentioned that she tried to plant leeches on her face. The correspondent of "VM" talked with a professional cosmetologist, a member of the Russian Society of Medical Aesthetics and Mesotherapy Alexandra Gont and found out what really helps to delay aging.


The very first and most important advice of Alexandra is after 25-30 years to visit a professional cosmetologist at least once and develop a personal care system with him.

“I understand that this is a commercial sphere, and many salon procedures simply cannot afford,” the specialist says. - But no one says that you need to go to the procedures regularly. It is enough to go through a consultation and go to home care.

By the way, it is the home care methods, according to Gaunt, that are the basis of long-lasting youth.

“It's like with a dentist: if you brush your teeth every day, you will have to go to the doctor much less often,” she explains. - Home care includes basic cleansing, toning, moisturizing, eye, neck and décolleté care. Fortunately, the choice of funds is now for every taste and wallet.

According to her, Gont treats folk recipes very respectfully, and many of them really have the right to life for people who do not have the funds for purchased cosmetics.

“The main thing is not to forget that we live in the 21st century,” adds the cosmetologist. - Using a decoction of roots, mixed with lemon juice and an egg, of course, is not bad, but it only works on the surface layers. In my understanding, it is like forgetting how to drive a car and get back on the cart. It will go, but slowly, with a creak and inconvenience. I prefer a jet rocket, that is, modern professional cosmetics that have everything our skin needs: antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizers.

The main contingent of regular visitors to cosmetologists, according to Gont, are women after 35-40 years. At this age, when the hormonal background begins to suffer, especially if the client was on diets, was ill, experienced severe stress.

“These factors directly contribute to the fact that our cells begin to regenerate poorly, dullness, sensitivity, roughness of the skin appear, and the first folds of wrinkles form,” the specialist says. - This phenomenon even has a medical name - dermatoporosis, that is, atrophy of skin tissue. Unfortunately, sometimes a woman literally eats herself up before her passport age.


1. If you use decorative cosmetics, in the evening it must be washed off without talking. No matter how tired you are. Cosmetics usually contain wax, oils and silicones. And if in the daytime all this protects our skin, then at night the forming film does not allow it to recover.

2. It is necessary to pay attention to peeling. One of the signs of aging is dullness, poor light reflection. Usually oily skin suffers from this. If there are no signs of inflammation, scrubs can be used. However, if there is at least one pimple on the face, it is strictly forbidden to use any mechanical irritating substances. An acid peel or a film mask is suitable here.

3. Be sure to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation.Photoaging is a proven fact, it is "number one" among all the problems associated with age-related skin changes. After at least one sunburn, the likelihood of melanoma increases 20 times. Muscovites will do well with 15-20 sun protection, which is found in most modern decorative cosmetics.


Jennifer Lopez at 49 looks like even young female students are jealous. The singer and actress does not hide her secret. The fact is that Lopez never drinks alcohol. Even at parties. Even in a large company. Could you?

Julia Roberts at 51 also manages to maintain a fresh and blooming look. As she repeatedly admitted in her interviews, her author's method is special creams with sunscreen effect.

Salma Hayek is 52 years old, but the only proof of this is the Mexican passport. Here you can certainly boast of a good heredity - no botox, no special procedures in the morning. Moreover, the actress does not deny herself food!

Peggy Lipton - oh god! - 72 years old. But to believe in this, looking at the photo, is simply impossible. Moreover, the actress is far from a healthy lifestyle: her biography includes both drug problems and alcohol abuse.

Rachel Weisz is 48 years old, but she looks at most 30. The "Mummy" star does not particularly talk about her beauty secrets. But the British obviously does not neglect the services of a beautician.

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