"Beautiful, But She Is 60 Years Old" - Which Gives The Age Of The Woman In The Photo

"Beautiful, But She Is 60 Years Old" - Which Gives The Age Of The Woman In The Photo
"Beautiful, But She Is 60 Years Old" - Which Gives The Age Of The Woman In The Photo

Video: "Beautiful, But She Is 60 Years Old" - Which Gives The Age Of The Woman In The Photo

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Sometimes our efforts to improve the appearance lead to the opposite result. We continue to play the guessing game and ask the men to determine the age of the women from the photo. We look at the reaction, write it down and do not repeat mistakes.


Tired skin

Andrey, 40: "48-52".

Victor, 26: “48. Beautiful, but aged."

Fact: Winona Ryder is 48 years old.

Winona in her youth, after breaking up with handsome Johnny Depp, decided in principle never to get married, to love only herself and live for her own pleasure. It would seem that under such conditions the actress should have enough strength for skin care. But her favorite cigarettes played a cruel joke on her: Winona has become a classic example of a “smoker's face”. Thin dull skin, swelling, rosacea on the cheeks and a "tired" look even on the carpet.

"Punctured" face

Roman, 46: "The face is 45, the neck is 55. Well, she’s so chipped - it’s disgusting to look!"

Valeriy, 22: “The wrinkles are visible, although they have been retouched. 53 exactly."

In fact: Nicole Kidman is 52.

A lot of time (and probably money) has been spent on cosmetologists, but the desired effect is zero. Nicole, like many other residents of sunny countries, is aging in a fine-wrinkled pattern. Instead of actively moisturizing and nourishing the skin, stimulating its natural renewal, the actress decided to take the “simplest” path, making friends with Botox and fillers. As a result, wrinkles on the entire surface of the skin have not disappeared, and the face looks like a lifeless, inflated mask.

Excess weight

Sergei, 41: “It's hard to say, there is so much tone on it. Let it be 48”.

Denis, 27: "44, no less."

In fact: Drew Barrymore is 45 years old.

Bodypositive bodypositive, but "looking at your own" was hardly the goal of the Hollywood actress when she carefully prepared to pose in front of the cameras at the event. The question immediately arises, what will we see in the photo without makeup, professional lighting and filters? An unsuccessful make-up, a blouse in sequins and extra pounds immediately turned the cheerful Drew into a street vendor at mass festivities.

Neck wrinkles

Oleg, 48: "Over 40, wrinkled neck"

Dmitry, 29: "Around 40".

In fact: Victoria Bonet is 40 years old.

Vika advertises the services of numerous cosmetic brands and clinics with might and main, conducts courses on rejuvenation, actively promotes the achievements of modern cosmetology and still exploits the image of a young girl. But the flaccid skin on the neck instantly betrays her real age, whatever one may say.

Tired look

Nikolay, 40: "33-35, exactly!"

Nikita, 31: "40, no less."

In fact: Keira Knightley is 35 years old.

Beautiful face, perfect makeup, professional photos Nothing will help a woman look young and fresh if she has a dull look and a hunched back. Dirty hair, gathered in a sloppy bun, and total black complete the image of the "young widow", which turned out to be Kira.

Unnatural image

Alexander, 50: “35. And what about her face?"

Michael, 22: "35-37".

Actually: Kelly Osbourne 35.

With her hair-to-hair varnished hairstyle, carefully drawn makeup, a see-through look and pursed lips - Kelly here reminds of the head of a party cell of the Soviet era. Too many efforts do not bring success: unnatural structures on the head do not delight others. In addition, we are subconsciously afraid to relax, wrinkle our hair or damage our makeup, which took half a day. Such concern is certainly reflected on the face and throws us a couple of years.

Makeup and clothes are not for age

Artem, 47: "Also 35".

Demid, 22: "This 28".

In fact: Lord is 23 years old.

Singer Lord won worldwide popularity at the age of 16.Then, perhaps, she wanted to look older, so she relied on bright lipstick, office jackets, classic shirts and formal sheath dresses. But today there is no need for a girl to artificially add years to herself. It's time to reconsider your wardrobe and learn to paint differently.

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