5 Flaws In A Woman's Appearance That Men Actually Sometimes Don't Even Notice

5 Flaws In A Woman's Appearance That Men Actually Sometimes Don't Even Notice
5 Flaws In A Woman's Appearance That Men Actually Sometimes Don't Even Notice

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Family psychologist Olga Romaniv - on how to overcome your complexes that sometimes interfere with life and building relationships


Sometimes women are so focused on their shortcomings that from this they have obsessive thoughts and complexes that prevent them from living and building relationships with men. They constantly think that men are closely examining their imperfections and condemning them for it. However, most often the opposite situation occurs: a woman is so fixated on her flaw that she constantly attracts a man's attention to it.

1. Cellulite. One of the "Achilles' heels" of any of the fair sex is the presence of cellulite or stretch marks. It seems to us that it is cellulite that is to blame for all our problems - because of it we will never be truly loved. This is not to say that men do not at all notice the manifestations of cellulite on the body of their halves, but they themselves, without the help of women, they will definitely not put an emphasis on it. We can say that, unlike women, they do not see anything wrong with this phenomenon.

2. A couple of extra pounds. The appearance of even a slight excess weight leads any representative of the fair sex to a real shock. At this point, a couple of extra pounds seems like a problem comparable to obesity. Naturally, this is immediately reported to the spouse at the same time as the subsequent action plan to eliminate the surplus. At the same time, men, as a rule, do not notice minor fluctuations in weight. And many even like it when their half acquires more curvaceous forms. Therefore, making a tragedy out of a couple of extra pounds is definitely not worth it.

3. Body hair. Many women are literally obsessed with waxing. They try to completely get rid of vegetation around the entire perimeter of the body and are very worried if something suddenly grows. However, representatives of a strong half of humanity in vegetation issues are quite calm and do not even notice that because of which a girl can acquire complexes and feel awkward.

4. Skin problems. This is a real scourge for girls of all ages and social statuses. Inflammation, pimples cause a lot of emotions and can lead to canceling a date, because pimples are very serious. But worrying about a focus of inflammation, even in a prominent place, is not worth it, because men do not pay such attention to this huge lack of appearance. They are well aware that this phenomenon is temporary and passing. And, most likely, not as terrible as it seems to a woman.

5. Hairstyle. All representatives of the fair sex know that hair is literally a reflection of the beauty of the inner world, the main evidence of self-care. The hairstyle must be perfect, otherwise there is no point in leaving the house. This also applies to clean hair. A hairstyle that is imperfect for various reasons is a real tragedy, literally a complete failure, which can ruin the mood for the whole evening and darken the days that follow. Let me tell you a secret: no matter what you feel about your unsuccessful hairstyle, a man probably won't even notice the difference - they don't remember such details, they don't remember how your hair looked yesterday and what perfection means to you, so don't be complex about your hairstyle … It's not that scary.

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