What Men Dream Of: How To Prepare For February 23

What Men Dream Of: How To Prepare For February 23
What Men Dream Of: How To Prepare For February 23

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Sometimes one gets the impression that the beginning of the year is full of holidays. New Year, Old New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day. Now the main men's holiday is coming - February 23, and there are simply no more thoughts of what to give. It is for such cases that many brands produce gift sets: it is enough to decide which brand your companion prefers, and - it's up to a little.


Special sets from NIVEA MEN

An excellent gift for most men will be the "Protection and Care" set. He is presented in a stylish and laconic blue men's cosmetic bag. It includes Protection & Care Moisturizing Shave Foam and Protection & Care Moisturizing After Shave Balm and NIVEA MEN Face Cream. A set of products "For sensitive skin" will make shaving more pleasant and suitable for men who face redness and discomfort after shaving. The set includes Soothing Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin and Soothing After Shave Balm for Sensitive Skin. These products provide gentle care and effective protection against irritation.

Dove Men + Care Fresh Energy Set

Strengthening shampoo “Freshness of menthol”, shower gel “Freshness of minerals and sage and an antiperspirant pencil - this trio works harmoniously and clearly. The set contains refreshing aromas of peppermint and eucalyptus combined with masculine notes of cedar, amber and musk, which energize and invigorate the whole day. And the active formula with minerals in the composition effectively cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Such a caring complex will not only give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness for the whole day, but also make the skin and hair healthy and well-groomed.

Fragrance ROMANOF from the brand Sergey Gubanov

An excellent perfume will always come in handy - no matter how many bottles have accumulated in your man's collection. We suggest paying attention to the aromas of the Sergey Gubanov brand.

Actor Sergei Gubanov, who has been trying himself (and very successfully) as a perfumer for several years now, continues to release new fragrances in collaboration with his colleagues from the world of cinema and show business. And each time it turns out, on the one hand, something completely new, on the other, the hand of the master, that is, Sergei Gubanov, is traced.

The fragrance ROMANOF was created together with the founder of the 'Vintage' group, composer Alexei Romanoff. This perfume enchants you from the very first note - it is a complex oriental-spicy composition with ginger, clove sprouts, saffron and apricot. Dry fruits, amiris and cedar in the middle notes enchant with their astringency and freshness of the needles, bringing pleasant memories to everyone. And the base notes are surprisingly revealed in a blend of guaiac wood, leather, sandalwood and spruce balsam, which will take you into a world of sensuality, depth and inspiration for new discoveries.

Face masks Double Dare OMG! Man In Black "Detox"

Relentless statistics assure that today 80 percent of men who proudly walk past creams, serums and masks in cosmetic stores, later, at home, secretly steal the same funds from their girlfriends. Which is fundamentally wrong. After all, men's skin is coarser and more prone to irritation. Therefore, a cream specially created for women is simply not suitable for them, a brutal macho.

Therefore, hesitate enough. Today, a huge amount of beauty products are produced for men that help to care for the skin, make wrinkles less pronounced, and remove irritations. One of such products is the excellent two-component complex of Double Dare OMG masks! Man In Black "Detox". It is designed with the characteristics of men's skin in mind.Masks cleanse the skin and have an active regenerating effect by stimulating collagen production, remove redness and nourish the skin.

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