Maria Poroshina Showed Emaciated Elena Stepanenko

Maria Poroshina Showed Emaciated Elena Stepanenko
Maria Poroshina Showed Emaciated Elena Stepanenko

Video: Maria Poroshina Showed Emaciated Elena Stepanenko

Video: Шоу Елены Степаненко. Николай Цискаридзе, Мария Порошина, Денис Родькин. Выпуск от 22.05.20 2022, December

Unexpectedly, for many Instagram followers of Maria Poroshina, her joint photo with Elena Stepanenko appeared. A snapshot of the thinner ex-wife of Yevgeny Petrosyan made a strong impression on the fans. Apparently, the 67-year-old actress, after a divorce from her famous husband, decided to tackle herself tightly.


In the published photo, Poroshina hugs Stepanenko in the studio of her show "It's not evening yet!" on "Russia-1". A spectacular emerald floor-length dress with a wide belt on Elena emphasizes her slenderness.

In the comments, fans were amazed at how prettier Elena Stepanenko was after her divorce from Yevgeny Petrosyan.

“I’ve even become prettier! Girls, is it really only after our husbands leave us that we get a magic pendel to look so good? " - said the fan.

“Elena Stepanenko is a very strong woman, so changing is something supernatural,” the follower wrote.

“If I were Petrosyan, I would bite my elbows,” the user commented.

Recently there were rumors on the Web that the result of such a transformation of Elena Grigorievna is the work of plastic surgeons. So, earlier one of the specialists named the approximate cost of all surgical procedures. As it turned out, the amount is equivalent to several hundred thousand rubles.

Recently, Elena Stepanenko's colleague in "Crooked Mirror", comedian Alexander Morozov boasted of the results of losing 50 kilograms. How does that "chubby" look after the transformation, look at "Word and Deed".

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