Made On The Knee: How To Care For This Part Of The Body

Made On The Knee: How To Care For This Part Of The Body
Made On The Knee: How To Care For This Part Of The Body

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Commentators on a popular celebrity site have so much fun discussing which celebrity has wrinkled legs. If you care about your knees as much as gossips about strangers, read what you can do.

Georgy Chemyanov, plastic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons ISAPS

To begin with, since the knee is the central part of the leg, any incision there will always be noticeable, and due to the fact that this is a very mobile zone, the scar will never be thin and beautiful. Therefore, there are no separate cosmetic surgeries specifically for lifting the knees - there will be a too noticeable mark. Nevertheless, this area often needs aesthetic correction. Usually, patients are worried about the excessive deposition of subcutaneous fat on the lateral surface or over the knee itself. This is a good indication for liposuction. We remove the volume through several punctures, half a centimeter each. As a result, the knee really looks smaller, but one must understand that at the same time its shape does not change in any way and, in principle, it is impossible to change it. Only the soft tissue around the bone can be removed, and the bone itself, for example, cannot be reduced. Another point that worries patients is loose skin. And we cannot do anything with this surgically. As I said earlier, if we cut something off, there will be a noticeable ugly cut. Here cosmetologists are already connected.

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Elena Makukha, dermatovenerologist, dermatocosmetologist of the Remedy Lab clinic

As a rule, work with this area begins with the elimination of the roller that forms over the patella. There is one of the so-called fat traps - the area where fat is deposited first and from where it goes to last. Such pantries are located throughout the body: on the outer and inner surfaces of the thigh, on the shoulder in the triceps, on the sides, above the elbows, on the stomach - such a dense bun under the navel. Fat traps are more difficult to work with than the total fat component in the body, so the fight against them is carried out in two stages. First of all, we "liquefy" the fat with injections of lipolytics. They destroy the adipocyte membrane, adipose tissue cells, and the body already removes decay products by itself. The next step is to study the site using a hardware technique. Here, SMAS-lifting has proven itself well: the fat is influenced by focused ultrasonic waves, which heat it up and literally melt it. Further, this fluid enters the lymphatic system, from there into the blood and liver, where it is filtered, so that later it can be finally expelled from the body.

With excess fat sorted out, but there is still excess skin - for example, after losing weight. Or, say, the skin itself is flabby and wrinkled. In this case, hyaluronic acid injections can be used. Ideally - in the technique of reinforcement, that is, when the fabrics are as if stitched with a needle. Also effectively tighten the skin flap and give the highest percentage of formation of new collagen fibers injections of polylactic acid. The skin becomes denser. Alternatively, reinforcement with threads based on the same polylactic acid. Polydioxanone mesothreads are often used, but their effect is less pronounced.In this case, as well as after injections of hyaluronic acid, it would be good to continue working on the devices further - for example, to undergo a course of fractional RF-lifting or laser rejuvenation - this will consolidate the result.

The effect of the procedures lasts from six months to a year. With a combination of several techniques, you can achieve a result that will last up to two years. Of course, provided that there are no strong fluctuations in weight.

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Yulia Drazhina, supervisor, elite trainer of the World Class gym

First, it is worth making a reservation that the shape of the knee joint is set by nature and cannot be changed - it just needs to be accepted and taken into account in the result. Often it is still necessary to explain that it is impossible to "train" a single zone, excluding the rest of the body, - the work must (and it will not work in another way) to be carried out in a complex manner. So, first, you need to maintain an optimal body weight. The absence of extra pounds and edema included in the kit contributes to the beauty of the knees. Secondly, the weight must be stable. The process of “losing weight quickly / for a vacation / for a wedding” negatively affects the body as a whole. Third, start exercising regularly.

Let's go back directly to the knees. In order for this zone to be tightened, you need to train all the muscles of the legs - both the front surface of the thigh and the muscles of the lower leg. Do squats, lunges, deadlifts. The area around the knees requires volume training of all nearby areas. Power loads should be combined with stretching. Increase the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, and the lines of the legs will become more graceful. And try to avoid shock loads - for example, choose walking instead of running. Nice knees - healthy knees.]]>

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