And You Go There Too?: Famous Men Who Do Plastic Surgery

And You Go There Too?: Famous Men Who Do Plastic Surgery
And You Go There Too?: Famous Men Who Do Plastic Surgery

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Valery Leontiev, 69


Valery became addicted to plastics back in the distant 90s, gradually moving more and more away from the image in which fans recognized him back in the days of the Soviet stage. Leontyev performs an upgrade of his appearance regularly, which is impossible not to notice when comparing his photos from different years.

Sylvester Stallone, 72

The icon of Hollywood cinema, the Italian stallion, apparently, did not want to put up with natural aging in any way and decided to turn back the clock with the help of plastics, and more than once. It is difficult to say how many operations the actor went through to look younger than his years, but now Sylvester's face looks more like a wax mask.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 34

One of the most talented and eminent football players on the planet, as you know, pays great attention to his appearance. He tirelessly maintains his handsome and playboy image. But this was not always Cristiano. The guy did a good job on himself, including working with plastic surgeons, to look attractive: he corrected the shape of his nose and chin. Well, he added a few less significant touches: he made a "Hollywood smile", changed his hairstyle and improved the condition of his skin.

Zac Efron, 31

The dream of all teenage girls, Hollywood actor Efron, of course, was not a different person before plastic surgery, but nevertheless he successfully corrected the shape of his nose. Now his face is almost perfect.

Tom Cruise, 56

The fact that Tom Cruise seemed to be "mothballed" at a young age is often said. Perhaps the actor's genes really did not let him down, but he did not neglect the plastic either. Handsome underwent blepharoplasty and was beaten from age wrinkles.

George Clooney, 57

George also turns to plastic surgery to hide some age-related changes on his face, but it cannot be said that he is abusing it. Clooney periodically tightens the skin around the eyes and removes wrinkles on the forehead.

Mickey Rourke, 66

The story of the actor's hobby for plastics is sad. He turned to surgeons when he decided to return to Hollywood after a failed boxing career, for which he, in fact, left the big cinema. To eliminate traces of professional injuries on his face, he went through a series of operations, after which he completely ceased to be like himself. It was not possible to restore the former appearance of the handsome man, and now Rourke is often ranked among the victims of plastic surgery.

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