Here I Cut It Off, There I Sewed It On: Famous Men Who Did Plastic Surgery

Here I Cut It Off, There I Sewed It On: Famous Men Who Did Plastic Surgery
Here I Cut It Off, There I Sewed It On: Famous Men Who Did Plastic Surgery

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Appearance has always been important for artists. Of course, talent should come first, but faces and figures are remembered. It is difficult to reproach actresses, singers and models in an effort to preserve their beauty, but plastic is not only their lot. Men from show business also do not forget about the need to "keep the brand". Especially if they have been exploiting the image of perky macho for decades. Not everyone advertises aesthetic operations, but sometimes the work of surgeons can be seen with the naked eye. Let's look at the clear supporters of radical methods of self-improvement?


Michael Jackson The late King of Pop became a legend during his lifetime. Yes, he was accused of molesting minors and now this topic is heard. We will not discuss his mental problems and alleged crimes. With all the admiration for the musician's work, he was always surprised by the fact that he denied multiple plastics. Changes in the shape of the nose, lips, eye shape and face contour are indisputable results of operations. But the singer only confirmed rhinoplasty and the formation of a dimple on the chin. The rest, they say, is all your own, yeah.

Mickey Rourke The actor became famous for his roles as a bully, but in real life his image is far from exemplary. Substance abuse, scandals with colleagues and the public, spree and fights Of course, the way of life could not but affect his appearance. And he decided to correct her at all costs. But numerous attempts to restore the attractiveness of the face and tighten the skin have been unsuccessful.

Cristiano Ronaldo The doll-faced soccer player with the perfect male figure was born handsome. But there were still imperfections - the nose of an outstanding athlete at the dawn of his career was not perfect, as were his teeth. Now he looks like a standard of male beauty - the right features, "steel" muscles, thick hair and a snow-white Hollywood smile. At least he could not do without rhinoplasty, but he is credited with hair transplant and Botox injections.

Stephen Tyler Singer and in his younger years could not be called a handsome man, but with age his face became covered with wrinkles, because the skin sagged noticeably. He also cannot be called a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. But then the lead vocalist of the Aerosmith group changed in a marvelous way - the oval of the face was clearly corrected, like the drooping eyelids - the cut of the musician's eyes clearly changed.

Barry Manilow The peak of this artist's popularity remained in the distant 70s, now they are more often talked about as a victim of unsuccessful plastic surgery. The artist claims that his appearance has changed only for natural reasons - aging has not yet spared anyone. But few people believe him. Swollen cheekbones, nose correction, a different shape of the eyelids than it was in the past - nature is not capable of this, but surgeons are quite.

Rodrigo Alves The man seriously decided to turn himself into Ken, the boyfriend of the Barbie doll. And he managed to get closer to his own ideal. Celebrity plastic surgeries are countless - there are dozens of them, and it hardly makes sense to say what exactly he changed. Perhaps he is the primordial Rodrigo, practically nothing is left. Even the figure was corrected by Alves on the surgeon's table, who performed liposuction and sewed in abs cubes.

Let's pay attention to the Russian supporters of facial surgeries. There are also a lot of men among them, what can you do - work obliges you to look your best. And not all representatives of the stronger sex consider wrinkles and gray hair to be adornments that add solidity to them.

Valery Leontyev Valery Leontyev is called the record holder in the matter of surgical intervention.How many times he had to go under the surgeon's knife, as if no one would say, and it would be in vain to expect revelations from him on this topic. For decades, the singer has been striving to remain young and lean - eternal curls, vests on the naked body of Plastic and Botox injections have greatly changed his features, and his smile has become like a grimace on a motionless face.

Sergey Zverev An outrageous hairdresser-make-up artist performed the first operation on his face after an accident, in which he was seriously injured. Well, at least this is his version of the development of events. Be that as it may, now Sergey bears little resemblance to his former self. It is known that since childhood he was dissatisfied with his appearance, had rhinoplasty, changed his lips, chin, cheekbones. He also does not forget to visit a beautician regularly, put on extravagant outfits, do elaborate makeup and hairstyles.

Alexander Peskov Parodist, unlike many colleagues, does not at all deny that he strives for perfection and corrects the fact that exercising in the gym and proper nutrition will not help change. Among the obvious results of close communication with the surgeon - blepharoplasty and face shape correction - the cheekbones and chin have also become different. Well, the cosmetologist used threads to smooth the skin - rejuvenation cannot be overlooked when comparing photos before and after interventions.

Gauguin Solntsev The actor loves to attract attention and does it with pleasure. Gauguin changed his image so many times that very few people have an idea of ​​how he will be seen next time. He repeatedly dyed his hair, cut and dyed his beard in different colors, enlarged his lips, gave beauty injections. And his nose clearly became better shape than before the operation. Although who knows, perhaps these are all attacks by haters, and the young showman's face was corrected only in the beautician's office.

Alexander Shpak Bodybuilder and blogger believes that every person should stand out with something, and does not want to be like the rest. He has completely covered his entire body with tattoos, uses makeup, manicures and regular plastic surgeries. Alexander's face is noticeably "reshaped", and his lips are enlarged to an enormous size. He doesn't care about the opinion of the army of critics, he can only hope that now Shpak is comfortable in a changed body and it was all worth it.

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