Experts Have Named New Standards Of Female Beauty

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Experts Have Named New Standards Of Female Beauty
Experts Have Named New Standards Of Female Beauty

Video: Experts Have Named New Standards Of Female Beauty

Video: Experts Have Named New Standards Of Female Beauty
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Russian experts have called perfect bodies, pumped lips and excessive grooming "anti-trend." Their comments are quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

September 9 is the International Day of Beauty. In honor of this, experts working in the beauty industry discussed the new standards of female beauty.

So, in one of the interviews, stylist Vlad Lisovets noted that ideal parameters are relevant only for the catwalk.

“Naturalness and individuality are in trend now. A beautiful woman is distinguished from an ugly one by inner charisma, which is read in the look, smile, and facial features. Russia has always lived by its own laws, but I think that soon new trends will reach us. People are tired of making themselves what they are not. To look perfect is a huge work, women wanted to relax,”he said.

According to beauty blogger Elena Krygina, today even obvious deviations from the standard will be interesting and beautiful. As an example, she cites such features of appearance as "an interesting squint" and a mole.

Psychologist Lyudmila Polyanova, candidate of sociological sciences, also spoke in favor of the trend towards naturalness and emphasized its impact on society.

“For example, lush hair suggests that a woman can warm herself and her baby. Wide hips indicate general fertility. Fashionable dresses with a high waist and a hint of a presumed pregnancy are in the same category,”she commented.

The journalists of the publication explained that in the 90s women had to survive, so short haircuts and thin bodies were common among them.

However, later the fashion for motherhood came, as a result of which men, at the level of instincts, began to choose women who are healthy and can bear offspring.

Earlier in September, it was revealed that Russians had saved on entertainment for the sake of looks after the isolation regime was lifted. According to the statistics of the IT-company "Evotor", the turnover of beauty salons in the country decreased by only two percent, while the average check increased by 12 percent and amounted to 1,715 rubles. It is noted that the residents of the Leningrad Region were most concerned about their appearance: the average check of salons increased by 34 percent.

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