New Standards Of Female Beauty Named

New Standards Of Female Beauty Named
New Standards Of Female Beauty Named

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Experts from Russia spoke about the new standards of beauty. It is reported by "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In honor of the International Day of Beauty on September 9, people from this industry talked about how the standards of attractiveness for women have changed.

So, stylist Vlad Lisovets noted that naturalness and naturalness are coming into fashion. Runway bodies are no longer relevant and are only suitable for models. He also stressed that a woman's beauty depends on her charisma.

“Naturalness and individuality are in trend now. A beautiful woman is distinguished from an ugly one by inner charisma, which is read in the look, smile, and facial features. Russia has always lived by its own laws, but I think that soon new trends will reach us. People are tired of making themselves what they are not. To look perfect is a huge work, women wanted to relax,”said Lisovets.

Make-up artist and beauty blogger Elena Krygina supported her colleague. She noted that women remember any deviations from the standard and details in the image.

The candidate of sociological sciences, psychologist Lyudmila Polyanova also spoke in favor of the trend towards naturalness and naturalness. She noted that men subconsciously choose healthier women who can bear and give birth to a healthy child.

“For example, lush hair suggests that a woman can warm herself and her baby. Wide hips indicate general fertility. Fashionable dresses with a high waist and a hint of the alleged pregnancy in the same category"

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