What The 10 Most Handsome Men Look Like - According To A Plastic Surgeon

What The 10 Most Handsome Men Look Like - According To A Plastic Surgeon
What The 10 Most Handsome Men Look Like - According To A Plastic Surgeon

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You can determine the beauty index if you measure the parameters of the face according to the principle of the golden ratio. It is believed that the more correct the proportions, the more beautiful a person is. Julian De Silva, head of the plastic surgery center in London, compiled a list of handsome men who were not without a flaw.


10th place: Ryan Gosling

Ryan entered the top ten handsome men, first of all, thanks to the nose - this part of the face was considered perfect by the plastic surgeon. But the actor's lips pumped up, against the background of the correct proportions, they looked rather modest.

9th place: Kanye West

Kanye has a proportional distance between his chin and eyes, which added to his points. But the handsome man was pushed to the end of the list thanks to the face shape, which, alas, is far from ideal. 8th place: Idris Elba

Idris can be called a rare owner of a perfect chin. Not yet pumped up the proportions that were found when measuring the distance between the eyes. But the ratio of the size of the nose and lips is clearly not what is needed.

7th place: David Beckham

David boasts a chiseled chin and a flawless nose-to-lip ratio. True, the footballer was let down by the shape of the nose and the distance between the eyes.

6th place: Hugh Jackman

It was the shape of Hugh's nose that helped him take the honorable 6th place in the list of the most beautiful. But the actor did not reach the top because of the imperfect distance between the eyes and modest lips.

5th place: George Clooney

All the proportions of Clooney promised him leadership, but with age he lost his beautiful face shape and acquired wrinkles, which is quite natural. However, 5th place is a worthy position for a 60-year-old handsome man.

4th place: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a recognized handsome man. Have you noticed that the shape of his nose is far from perfect? It was she who did not give the actor to the top of the list of the best. But, thanks to the highest scores for the distance between the eyes, he was in the honorable 4th place.

3rd place: Bradley Cooper

Bradley's strengths are great lip shape, flawless chin and correct eye position. I was disappointed only by the shape of the nose and the imperfect oval of the face.

2nd place: Henry Cavill

The distance between Henry's eyes is not perfect, unlike everything else: Cavill has flawless lips, forehead and proportional relationships between facial features.

1st place: Robert Pattinson

If not for thin lips, Robert could be called the ideal of male appearance. But there is nothing perfect in nature, and even the beloved beauties are no exception.

Which of these actors is the prettiest for your taste?

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