Own Or Pumped Up: The Beautician Comments On The Lips Of The Stars

Own Or Pumped Up: The Beautician Comments On The Lips Of The Stars
Own Or Pumped Up: The Beautician Comments On The Lips Of The Stars

Video: Own Or Pumped Up: The Beautician Comments On The Lips Of The Stars

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We asked the cosmetologist, the head physician of the OTTIMO clinic, Ekaterina Papava, to carefully look at the lips of these beauties. And her verdict surprised us a lot!


Angelina Jolie

Our selection, of course, opens with Angelina Jolie. After all, it was she who became the trendsetter for plump and sensual lips. Haters can shout as much as they want that Angie "pumped up" her lips, but this is not true. Today, the lips of the actress look exactly the same as they did 20 years ago.

Scarlett Johansson

The incomparable Scarlett Johansson steps on Angie's heels. It is her lips that are considered the sexiest in Hollywood today. Many girls ask the surgeon to make them "lips like Scarlett." But, alas, surgeons cannot create such perfection, only Mother Nature is capable of this.

Julia Roberts

Which Hollywood celebrity has the most memorable smile? Julia Roberts, of course! She looks open, natural and very sexy, but Julia was one of the first Hollywood stars to try collagen for lip plumping. And it was back in 1990.

Irina Shayk

It is often said about Irina Shayk that she “pumped dumplings for herself”. But this is not so, the girl's lips are naturally plump! Look at her childhood photos and don't be silly anymore.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler's lips are simply beautiful! And most importantly, they are absolutely natural! Don't believe me? Look at her dad, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, and all questions will disappear by themselves.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is called the new Angelina Jolie. Undoubtedly, the actress is a beautiful and talented girl, but she is still far from Angie. Megan did a good job on her appearance, and bravo to her plastic surgeon - all the manipulations were done very well. But her lips, of course, are "pumped up".

The star has well-made lips, they are commensurate with the face of the star. But it's not a fact that the same shape will work for you, so you don't need to beg the doctor to make you look like this or that star, you still won't get exactly the same option. A professional cosmetologist will take into account the parameters of your face and will offer you the size and shape of the lips that will make your appearance organic. You should be prepared that lip augmentation is best done gradually for a more natural result.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian can claim as much as she likes that she doesn't know the way to plastic surgeons, but the photos speak for themselves. A few years ago, photos of Kim with huge lips appeared on the Web - too much with fillers was obvious. Today, Kim's lips look more natural, but the girl still did not refuse injections.


Beyoncé carefully hides, but we know that the singer has repeatedly turned to a plastic surgeon for help. The star changed the shape of her nose, enlarged her breasts. Nevertheless, her lips are plump and sensual by nature. I'm pretty sure Beyoncé didn't go for lip contouring.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's lips are naturally quite thin and expressionless. However, in fresh photographs, we see that they have noticeably grown in volume and become more plump. I would even say unnaturally plump. It was clearly not without fillers.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria's lips look very attractive and sexy. And most importantly, they were not touched by a plastic surgeon!

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner's lips give me a lot of questions. Everything is fine with volume, everything is quite natural, but the shape of the upper lip casts doubt on its naturalness. I will not say one hundred percent, but I do not exclude that the actress regularly pinches her lips with hyaluronic acid-based fillers, she just does it carefully.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has regularly topped the list of celebrities who are tight on Botox and fillers. But a few years ago, the actress admitted that she completely refused injections. However, looking at Nicole's lips, it seems to me that she is disingenuous.

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First published on Cosmo.ru November 6, 2017

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