Mermaid Mask, Hula Dance And Other Beauty Habits Of The Inhabitants Of Hawaii

Mermaid Mask, Hula Dance And Other Beauty Habits Of The Inhabitants Of Hawaii
Mermaid Mask, Hula Dance And Other Beauty Habits Of The Inhabitants Of Hawaii

Video: Mermaid Mask, Hula Dance And Other Beauty Habits Of The Inhabitants Of Hawaii

Video: Mermaid Mask, Hula Dance And Other Beauty Habits Of The Inhabitants Of Hawaii
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Facial: mermaid mask and kukui oil


Hawaiian girls devote most of their time and attention to facial skin care. It is very important for them that it is hydrated and shines from the inside. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Hawaii is home to many cosmetic facial brands.

One of them is Leahlani Skincare. He is very popular for his unique Mermaid Mask, which very effectively nourishes and cleanses the skin, leaving it perfectly smooth and velvety.

Another must-have in a Hawaiian girl's makeup bag is a moisturizing face balm. For example, Bless Beauty Balm from the same popular company. It has a very pleasant pale pink color. It is a multifunctional product that can be used both as a cleanser and as a care product.

Also, no Hawaiian girl is complete without oils: coconut, kukui and macadamia oil. They have a very mild effect on the skin and deal with several problems at once: nourish, smooth the skin, and give it a healthy glow. So take note!

The sea breeze and the scorching rays of the sun are not the best friends for hair. In such climatic conditions, curls are severely tested and can become dry and lifeless. But the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands are fully armed: they apply nourishing masks and balms to their hair almost every day and each time they spray protective agents on them.

Another beauty secret is the use of sunscreen shampoos. They not only allow hair to avoid "sunstroke", but also make it soft and manageable. And this is very important for Hawaiian girls who simply adore long straight or slightly wavy hair with a mirror shine.

So, going on vacation to hot countries, follow the example of the inhabitants of Hawaii and replenish your cosmetic bag with sunscreen not only for the face and body, but also for the hair.

Fragrant cosmetics instead of perfume

Hawaiian girls love to leave behind a trail of delicious scent. And they do this not with the help of spirits. Their secret of fragrance is in the use of perfumed cosmetics. Almost all of their body lotions and creams have a rich and rich scent that stays on the body for a long time.

Lip balms, shampoos and hair sprays, as well as a variety of oils for the face and body, all must smell delicious. So if you also like to always be in a cloud of fragrances, then try this option instead of perfume.

A toned tummy, a wasp waist and firm thighs - the body of Hawaiian girls is ready for bikinis all year round. What allows them to keep their figure in shape with such enviable success? No, this is not exhausting workout in the gym - this is dancing.

The famous Hawaiian hula dance is a very effective and also enjoyable form of fitness that cheers up and at the same time keeps the figure in shape.

During the dance, you need to actively move your hips and legs, make circular movements with your body, as if you were twisting a hoop, swing your hips from side to side. And all this to the fiery rhythm of music.

Another effective alternative to working out in the gym for residents of Hawaii is surfing. Gliding along the crest of the wave tones all muscles and charges with adrenaline.

Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian massage

This type of massage is often called healing. It affects a person not only on a physical, but also on a psychological level, allowing you to relieve stress and fatigue.

Hawaiian girls do this massage very often. First, it is pleasant relaxation and the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. Secondly, this massage stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and also tones the muscles and makes the joints more flexible.

By the way, to try the Lomi-Lomi massage, you don't have to go to Hawaii. This type of massage is done in many salons in different countries, including ours in Russia.

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