Why There Was No Cellulite In The USSR

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Why There Was No Cellulite In The USSR
Why There Was No Cellulite In The USSR

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There were a lot of things in the Soviet Union: groceries in the store, sex in married life, beautiful furniture in apartments and orange peel on the buttocks.


After the scarce times, one had to wonder at everything. Beauty salons grew on the site of hairdressing salons. Fitness clubs were opened in every district. In medical centers, magic plastic surgeons and cosmetologists worked, who could make any woman happy by making her 10 years younger. Together with this surging abundance in the service sector, girls constantly found themselves with serious shortcomings. They began to shrink their noses and enlarge their breasts. Women have declared a special war on cellulite. Before, no one even thought about the existence of an orange peel.

For the first time they started talking about cellulite in the late 80s. Then various anti-cellulite drinks and creams began to appear in pharmacies. Even pharmacists could not really explain what these magical remedies were getting rid of. “I remember how they brought us tea for cellulite to the pharmacy,” says pharmacist Maria Serikova. - We studied the composition for a long time, we decided that it helps to lose weight. Offered to overweight ladies."

Then glossy magazines and television clearly explained what cellulite is. It turned out that the exotic word is called the bumps and depressions on the skin in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Millions of women began to find orange peels and dream of getting rid of them. True, no one knew which doctor to run to.

“Cellulite is an inflammation of the subcutaneous fat caused by microbes,” says endocrinologist Natalya Petrova. - Those who are far from medicine consider dystrophic changes in subcutaneous fat as cellulite. This is actually a cosmetic defect. It does not indicate a disease, the "orange peel" appears due to improper nutrition, as a result of an increase in fat cells. Doctors call this very skin condition "gynoid lipodystrophy" or "lumpy lipodystrophy". This is a local form of obesity, which does not depend on the total body weight of a person. Diet will not save you from cellulite."

The word "cellulite" was introduced into everyday life by the Frenchwoman Nicole Ronsard, who heads one of the New York beauty salons. In 1973, in the American magazine Vogue, Nicole told the whole world that cellulite is a serious disease that urgently needs to be fought. Later, the beautician even published a book called "How to Defeat Cellulite." A model with perfect skin was needed for the cover. Finding a girl was not easy, and photoshop had not yet been invented. Then Nicole announced a general fight against cellulite. This war has greatly enriched the beautician. Ronsard offered clients to get rid of bumpy skin on the buttocks using a special diet, special programs, as well as various anti-cellulite products.

In the USSR, they did not know about cellulite and slept peacefully

Today cellulite is primarily a commercial project that contributes to the development of an entire industry. In the Soviet Union, of course, women paid attention to the bumpy skin in the buttocks, but did not attach much importance to this defect in appearance. “Personally, I think that in the Soviet Union there really was no such problem as cellulite,” says physical therapy instructor Ivan Parshin. - You have noticed such a fact that among men, even those with overweight, there are no owners of orange peel. Why? Cellulite appears due to the hormone estrogen. For modern women, it is much higher than for Soviet women. This is due to treatment with hormones, which are especially popular today."

The USSR had its own methods of dealing with excess weight and restoring skin elasticity. In sanatoriums, all women were prescribed contrast baths, Charcot douches, and physiotherapy. A special diet, of course.Even such measures helped to get rid of cellulite only for a while. “In fact, there are a lot of reasons for the appearance of cellulite,” says endocrinologist Natalya Petrova. - Firstly, it is everything that is connected with the way of life. Improper diet, stress, bad habits, abuse of fast foods. Also, the occurrence of an orange peel is directly related to various internal diseases: dysfunction (thyroid gland, pituitary gland, ovaries), circulatory disorders (lymph and venous stasis), overweight. Therefore, the illiterate use of diets not only does not solve the problem, but can aggravate it, forming excess weight in the lower body, making it pear-like. In this case, cellulite will bloom in lush color. So you need to lose weight wisely, only after examination by a nutritionist, endocrinologist and gynecologist."

On the other hand, doctors believe that cellulite is not a disease or a pathology. This is a bloated issue of normal skin and the natural process associated with normal age-related body fat. Cellulite has always been there, and no one made a problem out of it. Now this is a typical publicity stunt, because the whole industry is working on cellulite.

The higher concentration of fat in the legs, abdomen and buttocks also provides a greater supply of essential fatty acids known as omega-3s, scientists say. And one of the important features of these fatty acids is a beneficial effect on brain performance and intellectual development. No wonder these acids are very important during pregnancy and during the growth and development of the child. But, as it turned out, their reserves are not at all superfluous for adults. Moreover, the more of them, the better. Within reasonable limits, of course.

By the way, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh found that women with cellulite have more outstanding intelligence and, moreover, are more educated in matters of sex. Do not fall for the various tricks of cosmetologists who are inventing more and more procedures for the treatment of cellulite every year.

There is also a good anecdote about cellulite: “Husband (thoughtfully): - Darling, do you have this cellulite? Wife (straining): - Yes Husband (touching): - And my beauty has everything. Is it really? We decided to ask men what they know about cellulite.

The opinion of men who lived in the Soviet Union

Alexander Petrov, 50 years old, designer: “At the height of perestroika (mid - late 80s), teleconferences between the USSR and the USA became popular. From our side the programs were hosted by Vladimir Pozner, and from them - by the American TV star Phil Donahue. There, when it came to intimate matters, the famous phrase: “There is no sex in the USSR”. By analogy, you can add: "There was no cellulite in the USSR." How was it not? Of course he was. We cannot abolish physiology. But cosmetology was then in its infancy, and the word "cellulite", and even more so its meaning, few people knew. The country, in lofty words, was solving grandiose problems, in comparison with which the problem of extra folds on the female body was completely microscopic. I don’t know, I don’t remember if there were any anti-cellulite products on sale. I was interested in my acquaintances - they don't remember either, everyone heard about these drugs, when Russia stepped into the market, an advertising boom began. And now even children know what the unsympathetic dimples and bumps on the body are called."

Sergey Mikhailov, 56 years old, engineer: “I heard the word cellulite in 1995. Before that, cellulite may have been, but there was no word. And where does it come from if buckwheat and sausage for dinner, oatmeal for breakfast, turnip with sour cream for lunch. It is now women who drink beer in liters, moreover, with fried wings, and then there was only one blue woman for every 100 men in the pub."

- Most cosmetologists are sure that absolutely all women have cellulite. This is due to the female hormones estrogen, which distributes more fat to the buttocks and thighs. Humpy hips - do not mean illness or obesity, but a mature woman.From the point of view of medicine, this is just a fat layer, and doctors do not see anything special in this.

That is why in the Soviet period, girls did not even know about such concepts, because the presence of bumps is the norm and it is not necessary to give it up, as body positivists talk about.

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