Kursk Spectator Left 30% Of The Hall

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Kursk Spectator Left 30% Of The Hall
Kursk Spectator Left 30% Of The Hall

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On the territory of the region, all cultural events have not yet been canceled, but since yesterday the Kursk theaters and the Philharmonic have significantly reduced the number of possible spectators

From October 29, the loading of the halls is carried out only by 30%. This measure will force many residents to refuse to attend entertainment events; tickets for most of the seats in the hall will simply not be sold at the box office. This will keep social distance.

On the other hand, many residents of the region themselves are increasingly refusing to attend theater performances and concerts due to the disappointing statistics of the spread of coronavirus in the Kursk region.

Let us remind you that since September 21, when the work of theatrical and concert organizations resumed by the decision of the headquarters, over a hundred concert programs and performances have been shown on the territory of the region.

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