"Polished Dumpling". Signs Of A Wretched Beauty With Claims (26 PHOTOS)

"Polished Dumpling". Signs Of A Wretched Beauty With Claims (26 PHOTOS)
"Polished Dumpling". Signs Of A Wretched Beauty With Claims (26 PHOTOS)

Video: "Polished Dumpling". Signs Of A Wretched Beauty With Claims (26 PHOTOS)

Video: "Polished Dumpling". Signs Of A Wretched Beauty With Claims (26 PHOTOS)
Video: How to Make Chinese Dumplings (recipe) 饺子 2023, May

In a world where there seems to be a demand for individuality, women manage to get lost in flocks of similar dolls. And okay, if it happened by coincidence. So no - the girls are ready to fork out robustly for turning into miserable clones. Check out the latest Anews gallery to find out what things make women look the same to the point of pathetic.


"Equally scary - like bees bitten"

If you gather in one room 20-30 women who have enlarged their lips, and ask them to dress alike, there will be an embarrassment. An untrained person simply does not understand who is who.

If earlier the enlarged lips looked like the fifth point of a primate crouching on an anthill, now the lips of fashionistas are exclusively "bows".

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The similarity is especially striking in the case of celebrities. Look, two seemingly different girls: socialite Kristina Sysoeva and model Alena Kravets. Imagine that you need to meet one of them in the center of a metro hall. Would you know immediately who is who if they came together?

Alena Kravets, Kristina Sysoeva, photo - Instagram

And if, together with these girls, Timati's former lover Alena Shishkova arrived in time for the meeting? Everyone, without outside help and passport checking, would definitely not have figured it out.

Alena Shishkova, photo - Instagram

Interestingly, bow lips are treated differently in different social networks. On Instagram, judging by the girls' comments, every second woman would like her lips to swell as much as possible. The Facebook audience, on the other hand, is more critical. Here, the majority of users are convinced that bee stings have no place on female faces.

“There is nothing natural and attractive about such lips. As if bees had bitten - I want to regret this. Equally miserable."

“The result is always better. There were normal lips - no, now they are swollen, as after a fight."

Christina Sysoeva, photo - Instagram

"Iron cheekbones"

Lips after bees are only a small part of the tuning that turns ordinary girls into similar dolls. Often, along with the lips, ladies deprive the individual of the outlines of the face - they buy themselves "iron cheekbones". Or, as they say, Jolie's cheekbones.

It is difficult to say whether the sharply defined cheekbones of our ladies' faces bring the appearance of a Hollywood star. The only obvious thing is that the already identical faces become even more similar to each other.

Christina Sysoeva, Victoria Bonya, photo - Instagram

"Fox eyes from a fairy tale"

And here is another perversion from the world of cosmetologists - changing the shape of the eyes using the procedure with the animal name "fox eyes". Its essence boils down to the fact that the master with the help of threads, roughly speaking, pulls the eyebrows to the temple, making the eyes more almond-shaped. The result of the popularity of the procedure is the crowd of women who pitifully imitate Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid, photo - Instagram

But if Bella has at least some kind of personality and natural beauty, which ordinary girls count on, lifting their eyebrows to their ears, it is difficult to understand.


"The face is like an inflated balloon"

Today, women are so afraid of age-related changes that they are ready to give injections of youth almost from the age of 18. Hysteria with injections does not lead to good.

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The faces of women who are overly keen on going to a beautician resemble, as they say on the Web, "polished dumplings."

By the way, many stars, whom subscribers in social networks often reproach with this dumpling, insist on naturalness. They say - we don't give injections, everything is our own.

Olga Orlova, Victoria Bonya, Ksenia Borodina, photo - Instagram

"Hair from the press"

Try to find at least one lady with a lush hairstyle, curly or really curly hair among the domestic Instagram divas. Wearing curls is the lot of the poor.

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A successful girl does not part with a hair iron even in her sleep. She prides herself on long, straight hair as well as on her bow lips.

Anastasia Kvitko, photo - Instagram

The fashion for brutally straightened long hair has given the world a crowd of young ladies who look like the girlfriends and wives of Russian rappers. For example, Anastasia Reshetova and Oksana Samoilova. Just in case - the photo below is not the same woman. Samoilov - on the right, Reshetova - on the left.

Anastasia Reshetova, Oksana Samoilova, photo - Instagram

"Bulky suite"

Our women kill their individuality not only with cosmetology. For those who lack fillers, botox and taut eyebrows, luxury items come to the rescue. This is not just about expensive clothes, but about heavy luxury - meaningless, merciless and devoid of any zest.

Just look: Victoria Bonya and Ksenia Borodina in Louis Vuitton suits look like they were given birth by one woman.

Victoria Bonya, Ksenia Borodina, photo - Instagram

And here's another lost sister in French fashion house pajamas.

Yana Rudkovskaya, photo - Instagram

"Mask of the Boyaryn"

Well, women face this phenomenon as if not even of their own free will. Some psychologists believe that the fault lies in the complexes that the ladies hide with all their might. It's about behavior in public and facial expressions. We once described in detail how the "brick face" adored by Russian women is perceived by those around them.

But besides the evil face, there is something else in the arsenal of our ladies - "the mask of the boyaryn." Its principle is simple - to look at strangers as if they are servants, and you are a queen, but you know the word "condescension".

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Combined with refined lips, fox eyes, rasped cheekbones and a Louis Vuitton suitcase, the "noblewoman's mask" has a devastating effect on others. First, it helps a woman not to stand out from the flock of her own kind. Secondly, it filters out unnecessary lovers to get to know each other. For example, the classic rogue.

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Fashion habits sometimes not only turn women into clones, but make ladies much older. See how this happens with the example of our celebrities. More about this: "Well-groomed aunts". Signs of chic that hopelessly age women under 40

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