I Am A Dumpling: Daria Poverennova Showed A Photo From Her Youth

I Am A Dumpling: Daria Poverennova Showed A Photo From Her Youth
I Am A Dumpling: Daria Poverennova Showed A Photo From Her Youth

Video: I Am A Dumpling: Daria Poverennova Showed A Photo From Her Youth

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Actress Daria Poverennova, motivating subscribers to a healthy lifestyle, said that fans asked her to show a photo where she was fuller than now.

Graceful Daria Poverennova www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Young Daria www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria Poverennova with her mother www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria has long and regularly been involved in sports www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Slim Daria Poverennova www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Vera Alenktova, Sergey Astakhov and Daria Poverennova www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria with her beloved cat www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria Poverennova www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria in her school years www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria Poverennova and Andrey Sharonov www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria with her beloved man, daughter and son-in-law www.instagram.com/dpoverennova/

Daria Poverennova has been regularly involved in sports for a long time. Thanks to him and proper nutrition, she keeps herself in perfect shape. The weight of the actress does not exceed 50-52 kilograms. “Anything bigger is extra weight for me,” she says. Sometimes Daria shows her exercises on social networks.

Now, at the request of the subscriber, she showed a photo from her youth, where, as it seems to her, she is curvy.

“Yesterday they asked me to upload a photo of me where I am. With an interesting wording: you need motivation! You are welcome! If my photos motivate you to change yourself, then I will only be glad!

P.S. Do you remember when I laid out the headstand? Reporting! I practice this asana every day, I have reached 3 minutes, without support! So everything is in our hands! By the way, who do you like yourself more now than in your youth? Me!”, - she signed the picture.

“How beautiful”, “Where is the donkey?”, “What a beautiful girl! And not a dumpling!”,“I didn't recognize you”,“Pretty woman, but especially now!”,“Great photo! I really like you here too!”,“Adorable girl”,“The main thing is health and dumplings, motivation is health”,“What a pretty you are here”,“Cardinal changes. Get crazy. Two completely different people. No, in her youth she is also pretty, but now the queen … "," What a pretty Dasha ", - the actress collected compliments.

However, many subscribers believe that Daria is already too slender and she should get better a little. This opinion was expressed when the actress showed the original video with her instant transformation. Daria also ran into criticism when she told how she preserves her youth.

Photo and video: Instagram of Daria Poverennova

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