4 Secret Hotels Where Stars Lose Weight

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4 Secret Hotels Where Stars Lose Weight
4 Secret Hotels Where Stars Lose Weight

Video: 4 Secret Hotels Where Stars Lose Weight

Video: 4 Secret Hotels Where Stars Lose Weight
Video: Her SECRET METHOD For Weight Loss Will BLOW YOUR MIND | Liz Josefsberg on Health Theory 2023, March

Do you bring a couple of new kilos from Sardinia or Biarizza every summer? Actresses and singers know how to relax, eat and lose weight. Secret directions are in the collection.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain


Do you like the legs of the models from the spring Dolce & Gabbana show (we are not talking about the one where “ordinary” people came out on the catwalk)? A couple of weeks before the Tropico Italiano show, those legs were stretched out on yoga and swam in the SHA Wellness pool in Spain. SHA became famous thanks to other regular customers - Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Minogue.

Why do you need SHA? Here the specialists go through a tough casting - as if they participated in a show like "The Voice". The most talented and friendly people are chosen - from 35 countries of the world.

The main thing in SHA is not yoga or swimming, but the philosophy of natural nutrition. The hotel's diet is considered "macrobiotic". Macrobiotics is the whole science of how to properly combine raw foods. According to her theory, all diseases and problems (including extra pounds) will recede if you mix the food correctly under the yin and yang signs. The first category includes eggs, meat, caviar, pumpkin, carrots, parsley and sage, the second - sugar, lemon, mushrooms, cucumbers, beans, potatoes, eggplant and sour cream.

Massage at this five star hotel is a must. After active fat burning therapy, you go to a tea detox session - to tune the body from the inside.

Russian famous girls Ksenia Sobchak was spotted at the hotel. In her Instagram she wrote: "If you are thinking here, in Sha wellness, do not be afraid to take the strictest diet program and be sure to sign up for functional trainings with the girl Emma - she will make a man out of you!"

Cal-a-vie, California, USA

These famous actors can definitely pronounce Cal-a-vie in one breath: Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman and even Russell Crowe. Designer and director Tom Ford shows up in the valley near San Diego every year to maintain the sophisticated style of his works with a "sophisticated" figure.

Among the green forests and old stone mills, Cal-a-vie guests actively walk, run, breathe fresh air and enjoy the silence. Mobile phones are not used here - relaxation, according to Cal-a-vie doctors, is not compatible with selfies and Twitter posts.

Well-known procedures in Sal-a-vie are “hot stone therapy” (massage when heated stones are used instead of fingers) and an oxygen program for the face. You are put on a mask with powerful air currents inside. After three procedures, blood circulation is restored and the skin color is noticeably evened out.

and in Сal-a-vie it can be different - you tell the attentive manager about your goal and forget that you are losing weight for the entire rest period. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be beautiful, hearty and low-calorie - for this, celebrities pass on the Cal-a-vie address only to good friends.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, Queensland, Australia

The most expensive resort hotel in Australia has not only celebrity guests (for example, Nicole Kidman), but also the owner - actor Hugh Jackman. You will be surprised when you look at the pictures: the style of the Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is not like the classics of five-star hotels. Instead of fountains and marble paths, Hugh Jackman has wooden horse corrals and forest trees throughout. According to the actor, they create "a sense of security and calmness." Animals add color to the landscape: rabbits and kangaroos live here.

The Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat area is over 160 hectares. The view promotes detox - the resort sits on a plateau by the Pacific Ocean.

Fitness is not practiced here - at Gwinganna Retreat it is replaced by morning and evening practices of Chinese gymnastics qigong, positive meditation (remember how Julia Roberts "smiled with the liver" at Eat Pray Love?), Stretching on the terrace and flowing dancing.

The meals at Gwinganna Retreat are prepared with natural, seasonal ingredients. Guests get all the nutrients they need - Omega-3 fats from fresh grilled fish without oil, fiber from celery root, radish and lettuce leaves, complex carbohydrates in the morning (from organic cereals like bulgur and quinoa).

Palace Merano, Espace Henri Chenot, Italy

For those who love Italy, but cannot refuse pasta with salmon. In suburban Merano, you can breathe in the Mediterranean salty air and lose weight. It is not for nothing that the world-famous doctor Henri Chenot is called a "wizard": for a course of two weeks, guests of the resort lose about 3-4 kilograms and look different in photographs. For example, Monica Bellucci lost weight here before filming in "007: Spectrum". The hotel in Merano is also loved by the heroine of BeautyHack, the creator of the Masterpiece brand, Evgenia Linovich. Read the interview with Evgenia here.

A regular client and friend of Dr. Henri Chenot was Luciano Povarotti - in Merano, the opera singer learned to eat right and was treated on an equal basis with other guests.

“We were like two brothers. The first time he came to me on two crutches. He was followed by a man who put a stool every five meters, and he sat down. He says: “I want to lose weight. I came to you and I want to lose 30 kilograms”, - said Mr. Chenot in an interview.

Henri Chenot's system - in clear power hours. Having studied the characteristics of a wide variety of people, Anri concluded that our body is ready for food from 12 to 20 hours, from 20 to 4 hours it actively renews cells, from 4 in the morning to 12 - it removes "waste". If you do not live in accordance with these natural laws, the body (according to Chenot's philosophy) becomes polluted, and we get fat for no apparent reason.

In the "palace" Chenot, each guest is given an individual diet - based on the required amount of protein. The doctor deduced his own system: “Usually the consumption rate is determined at the rate of 1 to 1.5 g per kilogram of weight. However, what should be taken as a basis? In my opinion, this should not be the total mass, but only bones, muscles and organs - excluding adipose tissue. Thus, it is worth limiting the amount of 30 to 45 g per day."

In Moscow Barvikha, Henri Chenot opened a spa center where you can maintain the effect after Merano or continue to lose weight. BeautyHack special correspondent Moore Soboleva tested the Chenot method on herself.

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