Skin Care: New From Your Favorite Bloggers

Skin Care: New From Your Favorite Bloggers
Skin Care: New From Your Favorite Bloggers
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Hair mask with an invigorating mango scent, a universal cream for creating the effect of "glossy" skin, nourishing coconut body balm and other novelties created by trendsetters in the beauty sphere.


Who among us has not dreamed of creating our own beauty product with our favorite scent, perfect composition and instant effect? For the second time, the Organic Kitchen brand of natural cosmetics is giving such an opportunity to famous bloggers, makeup artists and actresses - all those you have followed on Instagram for a long time.

We have already talked about the hits from the previous collection, and this time Organic Kitchen invited 14 more trendsetters from the beauty sphere to its organic kitchen, including actresses Ingrid Olerinskaya and Maria Shumakova, star makeup artists Anna Kartashova and Aryuna Tardis, as well as the first man of beauty blogger Sergei Ostrikov. All funds, as usual, are packed in multi-colored jars, which are convenient to take with you wherever you go - the volume allows you to carry them even on board the plane. Despite the variety of the collection (it has everything for beautiful skin - from gel peels to bronzing highlighters), the composition remains natural: based only on the freshest and most effective ingredients without a hint of parabens, mineral oils, SLS and other harmful components.

Anastasia Speranskaya, senior editor at BeautyHack, tested the new products and talked about three products that will make an excellent company on the gloomiest autumn days.

5-in-1 Glass Skin Soothing Glowing Care & Makeup Cream by @editor_vorslav

"5-in-1" in the name already sounds attractive, but until you try it personally, you will not understand - the cream really performs several functions at once. Firstly, it is a super-nutritious remedy for the driest areas of the face and body: I ​​apply it to the elbows at night and to the cuticles during the day. In the season of colds, the cream will also be appreciated by those whose skin on the wings of the nose suffers from peeling, 13 organic oils and D-panthenol will only help her with this.

Secondly, it is a great lip balm. Catch a beauty hack: apply the cream, and blend on top of your favorite nude lip liner for the most natural effect. In addition, Glass Skin can replace a highlighter: apply to the protruding parts of the face and enjoy the effect of a polished glossy skin. And the creator of the masterpiece herself, Masha Vorslav, advises mixing the cream with your favorite matte products to make them light and translucent: if you have a concealer that emphasizes peeling, now you know what to do with it.

ShiCoco Super Moisturizing Body Balm by @markina

Sasha Markina has been blogging for six years and has been searching for the perfect body moisturizer - and thanks to Organic Kitchen, she created it herself. It took shea butter, known for its regenerating and protective properties, and coconut for a softening effect and a magical scent. The latter is hard to miss - coconut moisturizers are sold like hot cakes by all brands.

Do not forget that this is exactly the balm: Sasha herself demonstrated on her Instagram account how to use it correctly. Apply a small amount of the product to your hands, warm it up in your palms and only then rub into the skin - it will begin to shine like the models from the covers of magazines.

Hair mask "Tasty food" Eau Extreme Mango from beauty blogger @ nikkoko8

Well, first of all, the mango. Whoever does not love this fruit, let him throw a stone at me. Just kidding. In fact, blogger Veronika Zaborovskaya said in an interview with BeautyHack that the opinion of the audience plays a big role for her. She listened to the wishes of her subscribers and created a juicy scented hair mask that will be available to absolutely everyone.

The composition was not without organic mango juice, rich in vitamins B, C, E and D, - it nourishes and moisturizes, at the same time raising the mood with a scent. Keratin proteins help restore hair structure and moisturize even the driest ends. Apply to wet hair using stretching strokes to further smooth hair and seal all flakes. Softness, shine of Disney Rapunzel curls and easy combing are included.

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