20 Beauty Mistakes You Need To Fix Right Now

20 Beauty Mistakes You Need To Fix Right Now
20 Beauty Mistakes You Need To Fix Right Now

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Daria Bogatova, art director of the ARTBANDA makeup studio:

“It would seem that all of us are no longer new to the world of beauty and cosmetics, however, each of us still commits a couple of beauty sins every day. Some of the more serious ones are:

Matching foundation using the back of your hand

Obviously, the complexions of the face and palms do not match, but we all persist in smearing our hands with cream in the hope of intuitively choosing the right tone. In this case, the best service for you will be the neck or chin, the color of which is most often 100% coincident with the tone of the face.

Using a primer and foundation with different bases

A water-based mousse will never work with a silicone-based product, and vice versa - a silicone-based cream will lie unevenly if there is a primer under it on water. Pay attention to the label when selecting both products.

Scrubbing before makeup

The dead particles after the scrub will give way to the foundation, which will re-seal the voids. What's the point of this?"

Varvara Pomrich, MATRIX & BIOLAGE expert and technologist:

Apply whatever you find in the fridge to your hair

“For example, kefir, sour cream or mayonnaise. Progress and technology have long gone ahead, and therefore there is no need to torture yourself with folk remedies. It is enough to contact a specialist and they will help you choose the right care for your hair and satisfy all your needs.

Try to repair split ends

Even if you are growing out your hair, get rid of split ends mercilessly. Sharp scissors will help you do this with minimal loss in length. If you do not cut them off, the hair will continue to exfoliate from the bottom up and it will be almost impossible to heal it without a radical haircut.

Hold the hair dryer at a right angle

Drying your hair upside down is a universal formula for volume, but you probably forgot to add one more indicator to it: the angle at which you direct the air flow. It should go from top to bottom to cover the cuticle, and not turn it into "stubble". If you are accustomed to using brushing to create a lush styling, be doubly careful: it stretches the hair, so you must first dry it completely to avoid injury.

Overheat tongs and irons

Ominous hiss and smoke are the worst things to hear and see during hot styling. Damp hair and high temperatures are incompatible, so dry your hair completely. The strand should be warm to the touch, if cool, then continue drying with a hairdryer. Reduce the degree Celsius to 200. Anything above turns the curls into combustion products. Another important detail: do not curl the curls after using the varnish - when heated, alcohol ignites and melts everything around. You will not notice this with the naked eye, but in the long term, "baked" hair will definitely not please with a healthy shine and smoothness."

Tatyana Viktorovna Mardenskaya, osteopath at the OSTEO POLY CLINIC osteopathic clinic:


“If the sun is outside, wear good sunglasses. If the font seems small, check your eyesight and choose lenses. But squinting your eyes to make out what is happening around is a direct path to the appearance of "crow's feet" in the corners of the eye already up to 40 years old. If we have to constantly squint our eyes, we overextend the facial muscles, especially the circular muscles of the eye. This leads to the fact that the blood and lymph vessels due to overstrain are constantly narrowed, edema is not uncommon, the delicate tissues of the eyelids do not receive sufficient nutrition and oxygen.

The consequence is earlier aging of this area, the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and hernias under the eyes. It is important to regularly relax this area - and not only with the help of compresses or self-massage, aesthetic osteopathy is very effective with its soft and precise techniques that help relieve tension, normalize muscle tone, remove puffiness and balance all facial structures.

Drink through a straw / smoke

As for smoking - and so everything is clear: this bad habit does not contribute to beauty. But what unites it with the harmless drinking of a cocktail through a straw (for example, so as not to smear lipstick)? With this habit, the circular muscle of the mouth and chin muscles are overstrained. If the habit is regular, over time it leads to the appearance of vertical wrinkles around the mouth. By the way, it makes sense to follow the expression on your face: if you are used to collecting your lips, for example, when you are dissatisfied or thoughtful, wrinkles will also appear ahead of time.

Support your head with your hand

In this case, we block the lymphatic vessels through which the lymph moves, and disrupt the lymph flow in the jaw, neck and décolleté area. At this moment, albeit short-term, but dysfunction arises, which in the future may lead to swelling of this area, the appearance of ptosis and deterioration of the neck tissues."

Yana Laputina, beauty expert, co-owner of the Vremya krasoty clinic:

Do like girlfriends

“The most important beauty is when a girl is guided by the choice of her friends. In their company it is best to relax on the sea, dance on the beach and go shopping. But choosing cosmetic procedures that friends advise is really risky, because you must always remember that your initial data are different. Never use anti-aging creams that you are too young for. You will need them later, but at that age they will no longer be effective.

Tatiana Nikonorova, owner of Nikonorova Lash & Brow Hall salons:

Don't pluck your eyebrows yourself

My first and most important advice: girls, stop plucking your eyebrows yourself. The whole science of "Eyebrow Architecture" was created for a reason. Eyebrows of the correct shape and color in combination with a well-groomed face skin will replace any makeup.

Neglect by cosmetologists

The second tip is a continuation of the first one, namely the part about well-groomed facial skin. I am sure that there is no need to explain the importance of regular cosmetic procedures (which should be selected by a specialist with a medical education) to a real beautygolic.

Wrong tone

In addition to skin care, it is important to choose the right tone. Girls often either use a shade that is too light or too dark. This adds unnaturalness to the image and makes even the most sophisticated beauty cheaper. My favorite tone is Double Wear by Estee Lauder.

Insufficient hydration

Last but not least: Moisturize your body skin twice a day. The best product for this is coconut oil. Protects against stretch marks and takes care of youth.

Vitalia Shoda, cosmetologist at Boys & Dolls beauty studio:

Forget about makeup remover

“Almost all girls make the same beauty mistakes. The first and most important mistake is ignoring makeup remover. Yes, cosmetics must be washed off before going to bed every day, and if this is not done, the pores will clog, there will be a risk of expression wrinkles and nasty subcutaneous pimples.

Alcohol lotions

The second common beauty mistake is overdrying the skin with alcohol lotions. It seems to you that such products dry out acne, but in reality they are not - they dry the skin, but do not prevent the appearance of redness. Hence the same wrinkles, flaking and a feeling of tightness.

Get advertised

The third popular mistake is the wrong selection of cosmetics, the use of advertised and hype cosmetics. Of course, it's no surprise if the Fenty Beauty primer doesn't work for your skin, as you bought it because you saw an ad but didn't try it on yourself. Don't do that.

Ignoring SPF

The fourth mistake is no less important than the previous ones - it is ignoring the SPF. This component in the composition of cosmetics is needed not only during holidays in hot countries, but is also necessary in the Moscow summer. This also includes another beauty mistake - a passion for excessive exposure to the sun. Tanning is beautiful and sexy, however, no light skin is adapted to excessively long sunbathing, I think the risk of diseases caused by the abuse of tanning does not make sense to list, this is a well-known fact.

My own beautician

And, of course, the main beauty mistakes can also be attributed to the "game of the beautician", that is, the independent squeezing of the inflamed elements. This is not only unpleasant and painful, but also very dangerous. It is always better to trust a specialist who will perform a painless cleaning and treat your face correctly."

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