Why Do Girls Pout Their Lips And Hips

Why Do Girls Pout Their Lips And Hips
Why Do Girls Pout Their Lips And Hips

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A woman wants to be beautiful. For this, he makes various bizarre procedures. In some places, remove the volume, in others - increase. Lush breasts, rounded buttocks and plump lips are three whales on which female beauty rests. When nature has cheated, technologies of the XXI century help - implants, fillers, hyaluronic acid.


But often the pursuit of beauty leads to ugliness. Lips become like giant dumplings, breasts - like huge balls, buttocks - like watermelons.

Plastic surgeons say that Russian women have also started to build their buttocks more often. Western fashion for an outstanding fifth point in the literal sense of the word has come down to us.

- Of course, there are more such operations. Specifically, I have one or two of them a month. Five years ago, there were significantly fewer of them, - said Igor Bely, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor, operating surgeon with 20 years of experience.

The doctor says - there is always a category of patients who want to enlarge their breasts excessively.

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Such women suffer from "body dysmorphophobia" - a mental disorder in which a person is too worried about a minor defect or feature of his body.

- Such a patient is always dissatisfied with the result. This most difficult component of such operations is to understand that a person's expectations are somewhat inadequate, that we cannot satisfy them,”said Igor Bely.

Cosmetologists whose mission is to create voluminous lips agree with fellow surgeons. In addition to adequate women who want to slightly correct the shape of their lips, there are also crazy lovers of dumplings.

They also often suffer from body dysmorphic disorder. As the candidate of medical sciences, cosmetologist Nadezhda Vishchipanova told News.ru, sometimes an objectively beautiful girl perceives herself as an ugly person. For example, there is an obsession that she has small lips. However, according to the expert, there are no more than 5% of such patients.

- We make the volume. Over time, it subsides. A slight panic begins, that the lips will "blow away". They come a second time and ask to make them even bigger, this process is very addictive, - said Nadezhda Vishchipanova.

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Plump lips, big buttocks - according to these signs, a man reads a woman who can become a good wife, - physiognomist Artyom Pavlov told News.ru.

- The larger the lips, the more receptors. This means a better assessment of a person's condition here and now. People with big lips feel much better in this or that situation, he said.

As for the big buttocks, everything is simple here - they indicate good fertility. Rounded and large "fifth point", lush hips and beautiful legs - this is a woman's strength.

Clinical psychologist, body therapist Valentin Denisov-Melnikov, claims that often after augmentation of lips, breasts, buttocks, women fall into depression. It turns out that after the procedure, nothing has changed in life.

- Even if they look a little better, nothing will change. This is because they could not build a relationship, well, certainly not because they did not have enough plump lips. And the reason is that 90% of people simply do not know how to communicate with the opposite sex, - said the expert.

He draws attention - among the common population in the West, there are few women with hypertrophied pumped lips, breasts and buttocks. In his opinion, the main reason lies in the fact that in Europe and America there are simply "different relations between the sexes." There women don't want to be just sexual objects.

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