Victoria Daineko: "I Love Perfumes: I Can Fall In Love With A Man If I Like His Scent!"

Victoria Daineko: "I Love Perfumes: I Can Fall In Love With A Man If I Like His Scent!"
Victoria Daineko: "I Love Perfumes: I Can Fall In Love With A Man If I Like His Scent!"
Video: Victoria Daineko: "I Love Perfumes: I Can Fall In Love With A Man If I Like His Scent!"

The famous Russian singer and actress, winner of the TV show "Star Factory-5" in 2004, Victoria Daineko (@victoriadaineko) told BeautyHack about her beauty secrets, current projects and the main rules of raising her daughter.


About current projects

Now I am filming the TV series "Aircrew" on STS. My heroine is the ex-wife of the protagonist. I play in tandem with my favorite actor Alexei Chadov. As a fan of the Watch series, after the proposal to work together, I exclaimed: “God! I agree". This is my first experience when I do not play myself, but someone else. The film also stars the wonderful actress Natasha Bardo (Editor's note - an interview with Natalia can be read here). A good cast is very important. Last week I released a new song "Missing", and a new album is coming out soon. When the child goes to kindergarten, I run to the studio to record a song.

About motherhood

With the advent of my daughter, I found a real meaning in life. It's not that I didn't have it before her - it's a little different. Only mom, probably, can understand what it is - to find the real meaning of life and boundless love. I had no idea what you could feel at all. What is love? Very easily I found the answer to this question on the day I became a mother. This is when physically you cannot exist without a person.

We do not have a nanny - I bring up my daughter myself and try to devote as much time to her as possible. I often take her to work with me.

I'm not one of those mothers who are actively involved in child development, buy books, teach him to read, and so on. I absolutely do not do this. I just take her everywhere with me, so that she sees life as it is: what is work, what is pleasure, that there are holidays, that there are difficulties. And it seems to me that she herself is very interested in watching everything. My daughter is the child to whom they will say: “Fly on an airplane?” And she will be happy. I have been taking her with me on tour since two months, to work, to performances. It's great to be in such a company.

When my daughter is in kindergarten, and I am not busy with something, I cannot endure the rest of the day, I run to kindergarten before it is time to pick her up, because I can no longer tolerate separation. It's always more fun with her! But it seems to me that it is very important not to lose yourself next to the child. I don’t want to be the mother who would later say reproachfully: “Well, because of you I lost my life, I didn’t realize myself in what I wanted.” No, a child is just an addition to your happy life: she should feel positive emotions when she sees that her mother is doing what she loves, so we always tour with her. And when there is an opportunity and conditions, when it is comfortable, she is always with me. And it's also important for me that I put her to bed.

In general, I am a strict mother. My mother now often asks: "Who raised you?" I don't like manipulation - it's useless with me.

I am a person who will cry because of other people's experiences. But when I feel that it has some definite purpose, then I am absolutely unshakable in general - I will ignore it until it stops. But at the same time, I'm afraid of hyper-custody, because I know it's bad for children. I try not to overload with my love and care. Naturally, you want to save her, put on a ton of clothes on the street, but you need to observe the measure so that a person understands that this is life, that something needs to be done by herself, that you need to learn. Of course, I am always there and will do everything for my child, but at the same time I clearly realize that I cannot live my life for her.

I am absolutely against any kind of physical punishment, but at the same time I do not always react every second to the child's desire.Yes, maybe she wanted to fulfill all her desires now, because she cries, the last thing I want to hear is her cry. But at the same time, I understand that not everything is so simple - in life, in order to achieve something, it will not be enough for her to just sit and cry and stomp her foot. I think it will be useful to her.

About health and nutrition

As a mother, I realized that external beauty is internal beauty, it is good health. When you are attentive to yourself, to your body, when you take care of yourself, it can be seen from the outside. Then you do not need a huge amount of cosmetics to, for example, give the right skin tone. Much of the health issue is related to nutrition. Like a lot of artists, I led a rather hectic lifestyle in terms of food intake: I could have dinner once at night and eat nothing all day. At some point, I realized that I weigh 62 kg, I don't look very good and I don't feel well. I turned to a gastroenterologist and found out: I have lactose and gluten intolerance. Eliminated bread and all products that contain wheat, rye and barley from the diet. Sometimes I allow myself burgers, but then I have to go to restaurants with homemade gluten-free buns. I am a very lazy person, I often forget to put them with me, so the rolls disappeared from my life, and, probably, this is a plus.

Now I never skip meals: every three to four hours you need to eat normally, but you shouldn't overeat. And no fast food!

It's simple enough, but at the same time it works and makes you feel good: there are no extra pounds, because you do not have time to gain them. The skin became better, the state of health - too, the forms began to acquire the image in the mirror that I wanted. You can buy the most expensive cosmetics for skin care or make-up, but if you don't feel well, you will never look good.

I am totally against diets. And if I'm in the mood, I'll eat chocolate for the night. Because there are not so many pleasures in life, especially when you realize that you are limited in them. Sometimes you need to pamper yourself. For example, if I can't go and eat my favorite "Cinnabon", then, of course, I do not deny myself everything else at any time of the day, but I try not to eat three hours before bedtime.

About favorite restaurants in Moscow

I love restaurants with playgrounds. I call the Ribambelle children's club network my “office”. (Laughs). There you can eat deliciously, chat with friends, while the children have fun on the playground. But recently I realized that going to the cafe should somehow be minimized, because when my daughter has a birthday, you no longer know how to surprise the child. She doesn't like animation, doesn't like animals, and it's too early for her to watch shows. Going to a cafe is no longer a holiday for her, because it is an everyday life: I think that it is worth practicing it less often. But at the same time, how can you manage to have dinner at home with my work?

I often say that my favorite cuisine is boiled buckwheat and a salmon and egg sandwich for breakfast. When I go out, I often choose Japanese food and carry gluten-free soy sauce everywhere. I like sushi and rolls in the Oblaka and Buba by Sumosan restaurants.

About sports and love of boxing

I started boxing in 2013. I came to my World Class fitness club, which is located not far from my house, and saw a boxing ring there. On the advice of the coach, I signed up for a trial training, I liked it so much! I do not like yoga: I cannot be calm, these incomprehensible positions, incomprehensible names. I am quite an emotional person. On boxing you feel very cheerful: your body is always in good shape, your muscles are in good shape too, but at the same time you throw all unnecessary things out of your head and leave them in the ring.

In my free time, boxing is really my favorite pastime, but now I have almost no time for it. In fact, a child is an excellent physical activity: it will replace sports and diets.

About the love of massage and spa

I really felt the pleasure of the spa, probably only now, because a child is a very big physical activity.Almost everything hurts you, but, first of all, your back. Six months ago, I rocked my daughter before bed. A year and a half with your favorite weight in your arms is very difficult. And after the concerts she began to use the services of massage therapists.

In general, I do not really like massage: I do not like it when strangers touch me, especially when they are male masseurs. And I can't relax because of this. I have the only master-esthetician Bai, we met in 2009 on one of the shootings - she gave me a manual plastic massage. Now he works in several salons - in Kutuzovsky and in Zhukovka, but when he really needs to, he comes to my house. She herself will make a mask from her products, a proper wrap to remove excess water, a tan tone, a super massage. But since Baya is a very busy person, and so am I, we rarely see each other.

After the "Ice Age" I had a lot of excess volume in my legs, which I could not get rid of. It was very ugly, and I was complex about it. In ten rather painful procedures, Baya was able to return me to my previous shape - a few centimeters left very quickly. And since then we have been communicating. She, like no one else, knows the features of my figure (not the presence of fat deposits, but fluid retention in the body) and knows how to correct it.

Once, in one of the rehabilitation clinics in Germany, I underwent a course of lymphatic drainage massage - I did it every day for two weeks. This type of massage is associated with pain, but in the German technique it consists of stroking: you just sleep on the table and enjoy it.

Russians come there and do not understand what they are doing, what they are paying money for. But you won't believe what an effect it has! Two weeks later, I looked in the mirror: I had thin legs.

Once again, in Novosibirsk, I stayed at the Hilton hotel and after the concert I went to their spa. A beautiful room on the highest floor, a magnificent view, large panoramic windows, wonderful scents around, dim lights, massage oil, nice fluffy towels - I was delighted. And it was the first time in my life that I enjoyed a massage outside the home, when I relaxed.

Experiments with hair and relationships with mom

My first trip to a beauty salon was at the age of 13 - I made red strands. Then I went to a rather strict lyceum, where there was a serious dress code, it was important to study well. And when I came to school, my classmates asked me: "What did your mother say to you?" And I answered: “Mom chose a color with me!”. In this regard, I am very grateful to my mother. She loves to dress beautifully, loves beautiful shoes, designer unusual clothes. That is, from childhood I saw all the beauty, and I also wanted to be involved in it. Therefore, my mother always took me to her favorite masters. I was dyed when the lower part of the hair was chocolate, and the upper part of some other. It was fashionable! I had highlights and different shades of hair, up to absolutely black.

I remember that in 2007-2008, after shooting at night (the video was filmed somewhere before 6 in the morning), I went to breakfast, in the daylight I saw slightly overgrown roots and thought: “What a pretty shade!”. I really liked my original hair color, and I thought, "Why don't I bring it back?" Exactly at that moment, I began to grow a natural color.

Later, in November 2014, my beloved friend, hairdresser-stylist Vlad Lisovets (Editor's note - our interview with Vlad can be read here) experimented with me and made me an ombre, painting in a strong shade of blond. And I thought: "God, what am I going to be a third of my head blonde now?" But I really liked the result!

After that, I managed to give birth to a child, cut my hair again, because pregnancy and breastfeeding still leave their mark on my hair and nails. I decided on a square - the hair quickly enough branch, and it was not noticeable that she had ever dyed at all.

I once had the habit of dyeing my hair on tour in Europe: this was the period when I had not cut my hair in Moscow for several years.It all started with the fact that in 2008, in November, I decided to trim my hair. I flew to Paris, but everything has already closed, except for Galeries Lafayette.

I went to one of the gallery's beauty salons and asked the master: "Just trim your hair." After 30-40 minutes I see a girl in the mirror with a very, very strong square, right up to the corners of her lips.

I had a real shock, but then I felt delight. I really liked it so much, and I began to have my hair cut somewhere in unusual places, by absolutely unknown masters: I just gave free rein to my intuition. But after that I had to learn French to explain, for example, that I need to do a light thinning or just update my haircut.

There was once a funny incident in Saint-Tropez. After my concert on the day off, I came to the salon and began to explain in my French that I needed to do about such and such a hairstyle, with such and such a length. I do not like it when the hair is not the same length, but different, albeit to add volume. I show the master a reference picture, she nods her head, puts a negligee on me and takes out a typewriter. In the first seconds I was in shock, but I didn’t tell her anything. She just had this style - she cut her hair with a typewriter. Everyone has their own quirks, including the French. The last couple of times I cut my hair in Moscow, once my beloved Vlad Lisovets even cut my hair. I know that now he has opened his own school. I think that soon I will finally look at him and decide on something new and unusual!

About styling

Once upon a time the only styling that I could do was “wash my hair and go to bed”: because I have curly hair, it turned out very beautifully, because they crumbled into small strands that crumpled against the pillow, and it turned out a beautiful curl.

In London, when I was recording my album, I was walking around my favorite Selfridges mall, and on the first floor, a Russian girl, Maya, met me in the styling corner. She recognized me and invited me to the styling, promised that I would like it. I came, she curled my hair very cool with a Jose Eber Curling Iro. Then I made friends not only with Maya, but also with curling irons. After that, three of them appeared in my collection, and I began to do styling myself. Now I take this special set with me on tour and shooting. I love them for their optimal temperature (110 degrees, so they don't burn hair) and ideal diameter. The hair after them keeps its shape perfectly even without varnish.

About makeup

I rarely trust my makeup to anyone - on tour I often do it myself. I consider Natalia Vlasova to be the best makeup artist of All Russia (Editor's note - a video tutorial on evening makeup with Natalia can be viewed here). She did my makeup exactly once in my life, but I will never forget it, because it was wonderful. I learned a lot from her. Once I had a shooting at her school, and at that moment I turned on the "record" button in my head: I remembered everything. Once I told her that I have a dream - to learn to be a make-up artist. She asked why I need this, because I, on duty, work with many of the best makeup artists - you can just remember what they do. I did just that! Now I follow very closely how my makeup is done and I notice and remember something for myself. Of the makeup artists, I really love Ernest Muntaniol, Nadia Lukinova, who did make-up for almost all of my videos - she has golden hands!

I am a real beautygolic - despite the fact that they give me a lot of cosmetics, I continue to buy it in unlimited quantities. As a child, I had to save money from breakfast to get myself makeup for performances.

My favorite brand back then was Bourjois. Until now, I pick up the blush and feel this smell of childhood: the fragrances of the brand's products are the most beloved, they still cause tears in my eyes. Just imagine this delight when you sing at school, in a restaurant, you get 250 rubles, and for a couple of performances you can buy yourself some powder! For me, cosmetics have always been the most important joy.

Primer Secret Glow Skin Refiner, Erborian

If we talk about my favorite products, I always carry Erborian Pink Perfection Cream with me: I can just apply this base, no tone, and at the end of the day look in the mirror and understand that I look great, because it has a slight Photoshop effect. On the set, she helps to preserve makeup, even if we work 12 hours: by the end of the day, the skin still glows. For daily makeup, in addition to this base, I like to use Tom Ford bronzing powder and eyebrow pencil and some dark purple mascara to highlight the color of my eyes. I'm still not a fan of natural eyelashes - so that everything is natural, you don't have to paint.

Pencil for eyebrows Brow Sculptor and powder, Tom Ford

I love mascaras for volume, and I even like the effect of glued eyelashes. Today I took the black Lancôme Monseir Big mascara for shooting - I love the way it separates the eyelashes and how much volume it gives them.

Mascara Monsier Big, Lancôme

I really love matte lipsticks - as a child I overdid it with glitters, so I prefer matte red shades from LimeCrime and Guerlain.

Matte lipsticks LimeCrime, Guerlain

About perfume

I like mass-market fragrances well, but not when they are on me. All my perfumes are selective - they are usually difficult to get. My favorite perfume brands are Le Labo and Tom Ford. Tom Ford really likes Santal Blush and Tuscan Leather - the latter is especially good on men. If a man wears this perfume, I'm already in love (Laughs).

Literally the day before yesterday I went into the elevator, and it smelled of men's perfume. I was ready to follow the trail to find him: in general, I can fall in love with a man if I like his scent!

And Santal Blush is a cozy perfume, I use it in the winter season, because it really warms.

Eau de parfum Santal Blush and Tuscan Leather, Tom Ford

Recently purchased Montabacco perfume from Jayne Ormonde. My friend and I walked on Patrick's, waited for friends and went to the Molecule boutique: here I fell for my favorite pastime - I began to smell all the scents and fell in love with this one. It said "Made in London" and this is my separate love. I bought a travel-size kit because it is more convenient to carry with me, especially on tour or with a child. For me, perfume is an important piece of clothing, of your image. As a girl, underwear, shoes and fragrance are important to me. Everything else can be from mass-market brands, but matched with its own beauty attributes.

Eau de parfum Montabaco, Ormonde Jayne

About love for London and tattoos

The first time I came to London was in January 2013. I started getting to know music producers, one of whom helped me put together a team so that I would record an English-language album "V" - I did this in 2014 in my favorite area of ​​Fulham. This is a native place for me - it is very quiet there, many rent houses near the embankment. Mine is next to the studio - where I live a quiet London life. In the morning I got up, went to the studio, recorded a song, went to a cafe on the way home and went home to sleep. When I come to London, I always have the feeling that I have lived in this city all my life.

I remember I had difficulties with the recording of the album. At some point, I took my dancer friend and we went to the salon to get me my third tattoo. We walked along Camden (I also love this area very much) past tattoo parlors, I chose one of them, just at random. I understand that you cannot do this, but I was not mistaken. I found a very good tattoo artist Mark, he even made me a discount of 20 pounds for the fact that I silently, without twitching, let him "work".

He drew an inscription on the ribs, under the chest - the tattoo consists of the phrase "Either I will find a way, or I will lay it myself."

After that I successfully solved all my problems in London and recorded an album. After all, the main thing in life is to have a goal.

Interview and text: Karina Andreeva

Video: Daria Sizova, Ivan Belyaev

Photo: Asya Zabavskaya

We express our gratitude to the Tsveti beauty bar and the ZHAR restaurant for their help in organizing the shooting!

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