In Pursuit Of "individuality": Why Girls Do Plastic Surgery

In Pursuit Of "individuality": Why Girls Do Plastic Surgery
In Pursuit Of "individuality": Why Girls Do Plastic Surgery

A thin and neat nose, plump lips, pronounced cheekbones, toned buttocks, a magnificent bust - today every girl can have such external data. Modern plastic surgery allows you to correct any imperfections that seem to a person. However, as a result of surgery, women become similar to each other. Are such beauty standards set by the modern industry? What pushes girls to go under the surgeon's knife?


When did plastic surgery appear?

Plastic surgery is not a new phenomenon in modern medicine. The first operations were carried out before our era. Already in those days, people took care of the aesthetic side of a person's appearance. In ancient Egypt, doctors could remove the hare lip. For this, the lip was sutured with thin veins of animals, and after the operation the patient had a small scar. The Egyptians also performed surgeries to eliminate lop-earedness. Researchers once found a mummy with sewn-on ears. The patient's procedure turned out to be unsuccessful: he got inflammation and soon died.

In the eastern states, doctors skillfully restored their noses. The need for rhinoplasty arose not by chance: this part of the face was cut off to a person for theft. There was plastic in India too. To fix the nose, local doctors used skin from the cheeks or forehead. And in Iran, vodka was used as anesthesia before the procedure. Plastic surgery was actively developing after the First World War. The patients were participants in the battles. The soldiers received many injuries and burns. Someone returned from the battlefield without a nose, cheeks or eyes. Doctors helped to find a new face.

Plastic surgery today

Now plastic surgery has advanced far ahead. You can radically change your appearance and even change your gender. Moreover, operations are performed under general anesthesia, which earlier doctors could not afford. The patient can only find a competent doctor.

What operations are the most popular now?


Lip Correction

Mentoplasty (Chin Correction)


Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Botox injections


Face lift

Gluteoplasty (Buttock Augmentation)

Why do modern girls do plastic surgery?

Basically, they go to a plastic surgeon for one reason - they don't like their looks. Television, Internet, magazines, books impose their views on how a girl should look. For example, in the book by Ellen Fein and Sherri Schneider “New Rules. Secrets of Successful Relationships for Modern Girls”says that women often complain that they have not been able to get to know the right man in any way. According to the authors, the root of the problem lies in the shape of the nose. If a girl has a "potato" or disproportionately wide or long, it may be worth thinking about rhinoplasty. After all, the nose is in the middle of the face and it is hard not to notice it, write Ellen Fein and Sherri Schneider.

If you take social networks, you will notice that most of the girls on Instagram look the same. They are dark-haired, have plump lips, high cheekbones, and a thin nose. It is this "image" that is gaining a large number of likes. And the more likes, the higher the popularity. To verify this, just look at Kim Kardashian's account.

There is also an opinion that plastic surgery is a kind of investment in yourself. If there is an opportunity to improve external data, then why not correct your shortcomings. In the end, a person is "greeted by their clothes."

Real reasons

However, the real reasons for going to the surgeon are not at all to increase the number of subscribers.Psychologist Irina Yudaeva explained to Arguments of the Week why girls decide to go under the surgeon's knife. According to the expert, they do plastic surgery because of their complexes, which most often come from childhood. “If the parents“disliked”the child, it will later affect his self-esteem. Every baby wants his mom and dad to spend more time with him or show attention in a special way. There are children for whom it is important to be proud of them and talk about it. Others need a bedtime story to read. If the parents, due to some circumstances, do not pay due attention, the child thinks: "They do not love me." This does not mean that this is really the case. It's just that adults show love as best they can,”the expert explains. She also added that complexes can appear in relationships, especially during adolescence. “During this period, any criticism is taken to heart. If a significant person for a girl tells her that she is fat, or compares her to someone, she begins to believe in it and consider herself worse than others. As a result, the complexes remain for many years, or even for life, if you do not work with it. Then, entering into the next relationship or being not in them, the girl by any means tries to correct, as it seems to her, some shortcomings, - said the psychologist. - There is still a moment. Russians are a people who do not know when to stop. We need everything and more. Alas, this is in our mentality. Take the lip augmentation procedure, for example. It is very rare when girls are satisfied that they have been injected with a little hyaluronic acid. The effect of hyaluronic acid, as far as I remember, lasts six months or a year, depending on the drug. And the girls still go to a specialist and pin up their lips every month."

According to the expert, girls don't really love themselves even after plastic surgery. “The complexes have not disappeared anyway. After the girl has made her lips, she begins to think that they are not plump enough. Then the chest is not like that, and you need to lose weight by 2 kg. She is losing weight and realizes that nothing has changed. All the problems are out of my head. We must first deal with it. A person who does not have psychological trauma will not undergo plastic surgery unnecessarily. Even pin up your lips. If there is a medical indication, yes. In this case, there is a reason to go to a consultation with a surgeon. Not because the nose is wide and you want to make it thinner, but because there are real defects from birth that can affect your health in the future,”explained Irina Yudaeva.

Plastic surgeon, expert in the field of aesthetic medicine Sergei Dernovoi confirmed to Arguments of the Week that the main reasons for going to plastic surgeons are really psychological: a person simply does not accept himself as he is. A person inspires himself that others also see his shortcomings and the operation will solve all problems. But in reality this is not the case. “A plastic surgeon spends 70% of his time talking with the patient and only 30% on treatment,” Dernovoy said. - At the appointments, we thoroughly find out what prevents the patient from being happy. Of course, if a woman had a difficult childbirth and the soft tissues of the vagina were torn, there are problems with urination and sexual activity, this is a real problem that needs to be solved promptly. Now there are techniques that allow plastic surgeons, gynecologists and urologists to help such patients. But if a beautiful girl wants to enlarge her breasts because of a new boyfriend, isn't it easier to just change her boyfriend? After all, any surgical intervention is stress for the body, it must be justified."

Sergey Dernovoy

The doctor also added that it is not uncommon to deny clients an operation. “There are shocking, often young people who want to have implants in the form of horns implanted. I would not participate in this, because I see the problem as complex.The main principle is - do no harm! Perhaps now the patient does not understand what damage he can inflict on himself, but then, having matured, he regrets. And here is another case: a young mother, after giving birth and feeding two or three children, wants to return a beautiful breast shape. Or, for example, a patient has a deviated nasal septum and finds it difficult to breathe. Then there is no question. A plastic surgeon faces an important task: to recognize in time a patient who wants to solve his psychological problems by changing his appearance. To do this, I ask the person who came to the reception: "Why?" If the patient identifies what exactly he does not like about his appearance and how it interferes with his life, you can continue the conversation. And if it is something from the series: "to be mega-cool", "to arrange a personal life", "to please a guy" or "to be like a famous actress" - a refusal. But the refusal must also be competent, competent. Now, thanks to augmented reality technologies, it is easy to simulate the result on a computer and visually show it to a person as it will be after surgery,”Dernovoy said.

“You know, in 30 years of my practice, I have not yet met people who are 100% satisfied with their appearance,” plastic surgeon Sergei Blokhin wrote on his blog on social networks. According to the doctor of medical sciences, with the help of plastics, you can correct your appearance, but it is important to remember about health. “I believe that the best plastic surgery is the plastic surgery that is not done. When a person nevertheless comes to harmony on his own without the help of a plastic surgeon,”said the expert.

Before you go to the doctor and correct your external data, you first need to understand whether there really are serious reasons for this. Perhaps a stereotypical image of beauty imposed by public opinion has formed in my head, or childhood traumas have surfaced. “As a doctor, I advise you to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you. First of all, you need to let go of all insults - they sharpen us from the inside, stop blaming yourself, be in opposition with others. Accept everything with gratitude as it is,”concluded Sergei Dernovoy.

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