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Girls who prefer whiskey of all alcoholic beverages are the most desirable. And that's why Much can be told about a person, based on what kind of alcoholic drink he prefers.


There are beer lovers who love to remember their past years and consider themselves patriots of their country. There are people who prefer wine, they usually consider themselves smarter than everyone else.

If a person drinks vodka, this, most likely, speaks of his economy on everything. Gin drinkers, on the other hand, usually argue about Hugh Grant's best roles.

And finally, no less beloved by all whiskey, what can it tell us about a person? Whiskey is the most popular alcoholic beverage among both women and men.

I don’t know why, but if from time to time you prefer to have a glass of bourbon, then those around you will look like Ron Swanson (the hero of the series "Parks and Recreation"). Or maybe they think you love watching TV shows and smoking Marlboro.

Let me explain: This is not always the case. Undoubtedly, whiskey is one of the most masculine drinks, but this does not mean that it is prohibited for women. And if we are to be completely frank, then I think that girls who prefer whiskey of all alcoholic beverages are the most desirable.

1. She can control herself

If a girl every time, drinking rum, snacks some kind of pretzels, most likely she will be completely drunk after one or two glasses of white wine at dinner. And it's not funny. After all, if you invite a girl to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city, then you expect that she knows her norm and knows how to control herself.

But if a girl orders pure whiskey, then she is really in great shape.

2. She's strong

Whiskey ordering - speaks of the girl's self-confidence. And confidence, in turn, is a sure sign of strength.

So if a girl orders a second whiskey, you can be sure that she is completely comfortable with herself. Moreover, such a girl firmly knows what she wants and knows how to achieve what she wants.

3. She doesn't like to waste time.

The fact that the girl loves whiskey also means that she will not waste time.

If it happens that on her day off she gets into a fight with you, she would rather go to a beauty salon to indulge herself with a new hairstyle than spend the night at a bar rehearsing an apology and looking for an excuse to return home.

4. She loves to provoke

There are alcoholic drinks that don't have sex. There is nothing more boring than watching a girl drinking wine, of course, unless you yourself are sitting at the bar with a glass of mineral water.

But a girl with a glass of whiskey always looks provocative.

5. She is probably a deep-minded person.

When I think of those people who drink whiskey (no matter how often), I remember that these people have rather peculiar hobbies.

If you find a couple of bottles of Jim Beam in your girlfriend's bar, then most likely she loves to read novels or prefers to work until two in the morning.

6. She is mature

Whiskey is the choice of quite mature individuals. After all, the more years the whiskey is aged, the more unique it is. So its taste is aged.

Let's just say: I very much doubt that in the company of whiskey lovers, someone will laugh at silly jokes about penis size, for example. So, if you are looking for an adult company, look for those who drink this drink.

7. She has great taste.

She doesn't drink whiskey to get drunk quickly or to prove something to someone.

Such a girl really appreciates alcoholic beverages in general, and the recognition by everyone and the class of whiskey arouses her interest.

Of course, she could just throw in a couple of glasses of cheap vodka, but hardly her only motive is to get drunk to the point of insanity. By the way, she drinks in small sips.

8. She is able to stand up for herself

Can we say that this girl is the soul of the company? Most likely not, because to one degree or another, but she is still a "whiskey-man". But despite this, she certainly does not allow anyone to wipe their feet on her.

With the slightest disrespect to her, she can answer you in an aggressive manner enough, and in the morning it will not embarrass her in any way.

9. She's emotional

A girl like that is extremely emotional - thanks in part to the whiskey - especially if she drinks a little too much. Then she will definitely speak out.

Whiskey lovers may seem apathetic enough at first glance, but as soon as you tip a couple of glasses with them, you will see how much passion is hidden in these girls.

10. She's a bit of a bully

Usually people who drink whiskey are classified as "bully", and there is some truth in this.

But if she doesn't drive a motorcycle or play the bass, that doesn't mean that she's devoid of some "damn thing." And believe me, you can be convinced of this after drinking a few glasses of bourbon.

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