How To Become A Professional Sex Lover?

How To Become A Professional Sex Lover?
How To Become A Professional Sex Lover?

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Do you want to be called zero in bed or in a whisper how good you are at sex? Everything depends on you. How good and professional are you? Just don't lie to yourself or credit the fake orgasms of fake girlfriends. Only 30% of women are satisfied with their sex life, while the rest suffer from dissatisfaction. Hope you are one of the good lovers? Don't be so presumptuous for no reason.


70% of men cannot give a woman full pleasure. Going through life having boring, weak and mediocre sex is pretty dull. Maybe it's because you are bad and not professional enough in bed. It's time to improve sex. Read and learn these 8 points that will turn you into a real super lover for girls.

How to Become a Professional Sex Lover?

1. Keep in shape as a professional lover

Healthy food, sound sleep, good rest, sports training. If you do not keep your body in good shape, then it is difficult to expect perfect work from it in bed. A beautiful body additionally turns girls on even more.

2. Communicate before sex

A professional lover starts working long before bed. More flirting, hugging, romance and preparation for the climax of the evening. Communicate more and keep in touch. Make the place for sex cozy and encouraging to have sex. Women need a romantic atmosphere and an inviting environment for intimacy, with the exception of extreme sex in a public place. 3. Don't skip the foreplay

Never, never, never miss a foreplay. This is the main rule of the pro lover. The girl will not have time to ignite, and you will already reach the final. The girl will remain dissatisfied and angry. Warm up the girl well with hugs, kisses, caresses. Women need more time to reach orgasm. If you can't last long in sex, then try to make the foreplay more authentic. At least 10 minutes, and preferably 15-20 full-fledged warming up by foreplay.

4. Change places for sex

How long can you have sex exclusively in the bedroom? This is the prerogative of elderly and annoying husbands, but not professional lovers. Sofa in the living room, floor, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, car, away, outdoors or elsewhere. Sometimes the change of scenery works wonders, and the female orgasm is stronger than ever. 5. Use toys

Good sex sometimes requires props or toys. Feel free to use them. Handcuffs, whips, vibrator, blindfolds, pretty underwear, whipped cream. Use a variety of means to play sex. All this makes for a pleasant complement for intimacy. Remember the movie "50 Shades of Gray". That's where the professional approach to sex is, not the amateur push.

6. Try new positions in sex

Do what you've never done before. Try something new and forbidden. Don't limit yourself to 3-5 bed positions. Buy the book "Kamasutra" or watch movies about sex, where the pros show you how to fry a woman. Experiment and find more poses that you both love.

7. Expand Your Desires and Role Play

Tell the girl about your dreams in sex and ask your friend about her secret female dreams. Take an interest in the girl's vulgar and forbidden desires. Make them a reality, and the girl will consider you the best lover. Role-playing games will add a lot of pleasant spice to sex. 8. More sound in sex

Professional adult films show you how to sound in bed. Do not be silent like a partisan during interrogation. Breathe heavily, growl and moan. Let the girl see how excited you are.Do you like it when a girl moans sweetly? Use harsh curses if the girl likes it. Call her a bitch, a whore, a whore and use other dirty words for sex.

Do you want to be called zero in bed or in a whisper how good you are at sex? Everything depends on you.

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