Jealous Lipchanka Turned Her Rival Into A "green Instasamka"

Jealous Lipchanka Turned Her Rival Into A "green Instasamka"
Jealous Lipchanka Turned Her Rival Into A "green Instasamka"

Video: Jealous Lipchanka Turned Her Rival Into A "green Instasamka"

Video: This girl is so jealous of her rival ~ 2022, December

A resident of Lipetsk was in brilliant green in broad daylight. Ono said that the woman who attacked with a caustic substance is the ex-wife of her lover. The incident is reported by


An 18-year-old girl complained to the police and spread information about the incident in local publics. According to her, the offender was the 25-year-old ex-wife of her lover, with whom she was building a serious relationship.

As the Lipchanka said, a friend of the chosen one and his ex-wife invited her to meet to discuss something related to her lover. At the meeting place, she got into a white car, where the former lover of the guy was also waiting for her.

“But she said one thing or the other: there were threats against me on her part,” the Lipchanka explained.

The girl had almost left the meeting place, but the women lured her back under the pretext that she had "forgotten something." At the time of her return, as the victim said, she received brilliant green in her face. The substance eventually touched the mucous membrane of the eyes, which led to pain and burns to the cornea.

When the girl was examined by the doctors, they reported that the vision in the left eye had dropped critically. Instead of clear outlines, she sees blurry spots, and it is not yet known whether there will be improvements.

As the victim emphasized, she had to break up with her lover, as he began to demand from her to take a statement from the police against his alleged ex-spouse, of which the girl was no longer sure.

Meanwhile, the public recalled the story of the blogger Instasamka, which appeared in her stories doused with brilliant green. She then complained that unknown persons had thrown the medication on her, staining her face and jacket. However, on the social network, not everyone believed in the girl's story, and unlike the Lipchan woman, the blogger did not have serious injuries.

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