Group "Soprano Turetsky": "Two Of Our Six Soloists Are Already Married"

Group "Soprano Turetsky": "Two Of Our Six Soloists Are Already Married"
Group "Soprano Turetsky": "Two Of Our Six Soloists Are Already Married"

Video: Group "Soprano Turetsky": "Two Of Our Six Soloists Are Already Married"

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To give birth or not to give birth: what restrictions are there in the contract of the performers?

The group "Soprano Turetsky" is six talented girls with great voices. However, it is no secret that in some girl groups there are rather strict requirements for the appearance and even the personal life of the participants. found out from the soloists what is really going on in the team, whether they can get married, have children, or, for example, gain a few kilograms. And are there any sanctions that follow?

Tatiana Bogdanchikova:

“There are, of course, limitations, as in any team, otherwise we would not have been able to stick together for so many years. But none of them is connected with personal life, as is the case with other artists of Russian show business. I have never heard that any of us were forbidden by Mikhail Turetsky to marry and have children. We have, rather, recommendations, and then they concern only the appearance. For example, bread and sweets are often removed from our rider. Instead, they add fish, fruits, cheese, nuts - the most healthy fresh products. However, we do not need to explain for a long time that our appearance is, like our voices, the calling card of the collective, one of the integral components of any artist. Therefore, all girls keep themselves in shape. If there is no time for the gym, then a fitness and yoga coach comes to us directly at the rehearsal base."

Evgeniya Fanfara:

“We were lucky with the producer, and this is not flattery. In our case, the relationship between the producer and the artists is built on trust, and this is probably why they are the most honest and long-term. The fact is that our team started without signing any contracts at all, we have always worked on trust. And if my colleagues left the team, it was only for personal reasons. For example, someone got married and wanted to devote himself exclusively to the family, someone wanted to try himself in a solo career.Since Mikhail Borisovich and the family are surrounded exclusively by women, he understands that it is important for every woman to realize herself not only professionally. Therefore, we do not have any prohibitions limiting our personal life and female destiny”.

Iveta Rogova:

“I’ll tell you even more: two of our soloists are already married. For example, I have a child whom I was carrying without stopping the stormy concert activity. And even the presence of my belly and dresses a la "Natasha Rostova" did not in any way affect the impression we made on the audience. Turkish always says that a woman must fulfill her feminine and creative destiny. So we were lucky with the producer."

And although nothing is spelled out about changes in appearance in the contract, the girls try to actively monitor their appearance. For example, Daria Lvova regularly visits beauty salons:

“Of course, without natural strength and beauty, our hair would hardly look like this, especially after many hours of styling. However, all hair needs regular grooming. Therefore, every 1.5-2 months I go to a beauty salon to have procedures and professional moisturizing masks. Besides, I don’t regret the money for shampoo. Good hair cosmetics cannot be cheap, and this is definitely not a mass market. It is important for us, artists, that the hair is not just long, but also silky and shiny. And this must be constantly maintained. Good looks and grooming are hard, daily work."

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