Demi Moore And The Last Photos After Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore And The Last Photos After Plastic Surgery
Demi Moore And The Last Photos After Plastic Surgery

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Video: Demi Moore Looks Completely Unrecognizable With Her New Look 2022, November

Since the end of January, after the show held by the world brand Fendi at the Haute Couture Week, the media have been discussing the new look of the famous Demi Moore: the last photos after plastic surgery, what happened to her - were the transformations due to the fault of the surgeon or she herself took this decision. The chosen bow, according to critics, only emphasized the changes that had taken place.

Versions of what is happening

Comments on the changes in the appearance of Demi Moore, the last photos after plastic surgery leave no doubt among Internet users that she herself wanted such drastic changes to hide her age. The most ardent ill-wishers say that the efforts of a plastic surgeon have not made her younger.

However, if you look closely, these statements are unfounded, and the famous actress does not look at her 58 years old.

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The indignation of the public, hungry for news from the world of stars, caused a certain exaggeration, bringing it to modern fashion standards: a triangular face, narrowed downwards, protruding cheekbones and plump lips.

Social media users note that Demi Moore's face has changed dramatically, and she has ceased to look like herself in her own photographs taken just a few months ago.

There are three main versions of the transformation star's appearance:

She was not lucky and she fell into the hands of an incompetent or unscrupulous surgeon. The actress decided to rejuvenate and at the same time bring her face in line with fashionable standards. Changes in appearance were assumed to be different, but during the operation, the previous adjustments made themselves felt. I had to make a decision on the spot so that they would not be completely unsuccessful.

The second hypothesis seems to be the most probable. Many beauty experts have analyzed in detail the transformations of the film and TV stars. It turned out that all the components of the face underwent modifications and this led to a complete loss of naturalness and individuality, but did not make the actress younger. Fans and fans alike are confident that everything would look decent if it weren't for the overly prominent cheekbones.

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Why Demi Moore became unrecognizable

There is nothing surprising in the next appeal of Demi Moore to the services of a plastic surgeon, and the latest photos after plastic surgery prove that she intends to resolutely resist her age. Some of the comments under the photos from Haute Couture Week say something about "dignified and natural aging", but this practice is not in the habit of the Hollywood beau monde.

The age of a woman is betrayed by her eyes and neck, and if Demi Moore managed to change two-thirds of her face for a lot of money, then no plastic surgeon will be able to remove the tired expression of an already middle-aged woman. The photo from the fashion show shows that the outfit - a black blouse with a large V-neck and extravagant jewelry - is matched in strict accordance with the changed face.

It remains to assume that this was exactly what was intended, and none of the image-makers had the idea that Demi would be dubbed a “plastic victim” and would accept the changes so negatively and unfriendly.

Fans and fans, curious and uninvited commentators are carefully looking for traces of plastic surgery in the appearance of famous personalities. Few people are friendly about the attempts to save face and the appeal to the services of plastic surgeons.

But if we abstract, then in the Parisian photos there is a young girl who meets the fashionable standards of our time: a slightly raised nose, a triangular chin, a protruding lower lip and sharply defined cheekbones. She looks great, vaguely similar to D. Moore, and the captions on the photo assure that this is what she is.

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