5 Skin Care Mistakes That Accelerate The Aging Process

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5 Skin Care Mistakes That Accelerate The Aging Process
5 Skin Care Mistakes That Accelerate The Aging Process

Video: 5 Skin Care Mistakes That Accelerate The Aging Process

Video: 5 Skin Care Mistakes That Accelerate The Aging Process
Video: 5 Skincare Habits That Most People Don't Realize Are 'Aging' Them 2023, March

What not to do if you want to stay young.

You forget about sunscreen

The need to use SPF every day, regardless of the season and weather, is heard from every iron, and for good reason. Ultraviolet A-rays are indeed one of the most important catalysts for aging and pigmentation. Therefore, we strongly advise against neglecting this rule. How to choose the right sunscreen - read here.

By the way, SPF protection is necessary not only for the skin of the face, but also for the neck and hands, which also suffer from ultraviolet radiation. In their case, it is not hyperpigmentation (as on the face), but a decrease in tone and dehydration.

Treat acne with dots

Not an obvious fact, but applying acne remedies directly to the pimple itself is wrong. Thus, you dry out certain areas of the skin, and this ultimately does not save from the problem of rashes. Dry skin is directly related to aging, as wrinkles appear more easily on dehydrated skin. To get rid of acne and not harm the skin, experts recommend choosing products with a moisturizing effect and applying them all over the face - this will prevent new rashes and protect the skin from dryness.

Go to bed with makeup

From time to time we return home and are ready to immediately fall into bed, the reason for this may be a tiring working day or a crazy party. Regardless of the source of your fatigue, make-up must be washed off. During the day, the skin becomes dirty from dust and environmental toxins that enter the pores, cause inflammation and many other unpleasant consequences, including catalyzing aging. Therefore, cleansing the face before bed is strictly necessary.

Give up funds too quickly

If you have started anti-aging care and do not see the effect immediately, do not rush to throw away the product and go in search of a new one. An instant transformation that occurs in 1-2 days will only provide you with Botox (or its non-invasive analogues). The action of any anti-aging cream has a cumulative effect. It takes about 3-4 weeks to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers (responsible for youth and skin tone), so be patient.

Overloading your skin

"The more the better" is clearly not the method to be followed when it comes to skin care. The upper layers of the epithelium are at the most delicate and sensitive than you think, and from too much use of cosmetics, the skin can become thinner, lose tone and natural radiance. It is really possible to "overlook" the skin (more on this - here), and this will lead to not the most pleasant consequences.

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