What Do The Most Spectacular Tattoos Of Russian Athletes Mean? Photo

What Do The Most Spectacular Tattoos Of Russian Athletes Mean? Photo
What Do The Most Spectacular Tattoos Of Russian Athletes Mean? Photo

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These girls express themselves not only in the competitive arena.


Eminent athletes who win world championships and the Olympics are people just like you and me. They want to express themselves not only on the sports grounds, but also in everyday life. And there is no need to talk about girls-athletes: they always want to look great.

One of the possible means of self-expression is spectacular tattoos. Not everyone dares to do them. But those champions who took a risk, clearly did it for a reason, because the drawings on the body perfectly complement their images. We have collected seven of the most spectacular tattoos and revealed their secrets.

Butterflies by Anastasia Davydova

Five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming and general secretary of the Russian Olympic Committee, Anastasia Davydova, has one of the most elegant tattoos in world sports. The entire back from the left shoulder to the right hip of the athlete is crossed by a string of 17 butterflies of different colors, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the pictures in which the whole drawing is visible are too frank. But one of the butterflies can be seen in the photo from everyday life.

Anastasia got a tattoo in 2004. She looks very impressive, especially in pictures for fashion magazines. However, spectators almost never saw butterflies at competitions. The thing is that the girl covered the tattoo with foundation during the performances.

Jungle of Svetlana Kryuchkova

It often happens that a person who has applied one pattern to his skin wants more and more new tattoos. The story of volleyball player Svetlana Kryuchkova is proof of this.

In honor of her victory at the 2006 World Cup, the girl stuffed a colored panther on her right hand. And after a few years, the animal found itself in a real jungle. A single tattoo has turned into a whole "sleeve". Looks impressive!

Svetlana Kuznetsova's wings

Another tattoo lover in Russian sports is the eminent tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova. On her skin there are half a dozen different designs and inscriptions applied at different times. There is a cupid on his chest, a star on his forearm, the inscriptions "Pain does not kill me, I kill pain", "Only God can judge us" on his hands. But the most fascinating, perhaps, is the wings on the back.

“Tattooing is very personal. And everyone perceives it differently. I have different tattoos and I don't really like to discuss them. Each of them means something to me. I perceive them as part of myself, part of history. But you shouldn't think that every time I read what is written on my wrist,”Svetlana admitted in an interview with the Sport-Express portal.

Symbols of Laysan Utyasheva

Russian gymnast Laysan Utyasheva also applied several tattoos to her skin at once. Moreover, most of them are truly mysterious. On the neck of the athlete there is an inscription Successful, that is, "successful". But there is also a more interesting interpretation of this inscription. For a long time, the Success perfume presented to her was the talisman of the young athlete, and so Laysan always remembers them.

The athlete has a six-pointed star on her right hand, and a black panther on her left. And on her stomach - an eye with wings - the athlete's amulet, which she applied at the age of 16, secretly from her mother.

Rose and Olympic emblem of Yana Kudryavtseva

Gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva also could not resist the temptation to get a small tattoo. On the left wrist of the athlete, there are two drawings at once.

On one side - a rose flower, on the other - the emblem of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where the girl won a silver medal.

Anastasia Savchenko's tiger

Russian pole vaulter Anastasia Savchenko is known to fans of athletics not only for her victory at the Universiade in Kazan, but also for her magnificent tattoo. A tiger flaunts on the girl's back. But photographers need to try hard to capture it.

Dragon by Anastasia Yankova

The Russian participant in MMA fights, Anastasia Yankova, is considered by many to be the most beautiful girl in the world of mixed martial arts. Surely fans are attracted by the numerous tattoos on the body of the athlete. And Nastya continues to stuff them!

Eight years ago there were only four drawings: a quote from Mohammed Ali "Flutter like a butterfly, sting like a bee", a key, a favorite flower - a lotus, and a dragon girl on her hand.

Several more images have appeared over the years. The strongest of which is the carp climbing up the waterfall. This is a symbol of devotion to the path chosen in life, hard work and dedication. Anastasia started getting this tattoo after her first defeat in the professional ring. From the latter - the snakes on the back, favorite by the sportswoman. Although there is a feeling that very soon the girl will show everyone something else.

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